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Is Ovary Size Important To Get Pregnant?


In a woman’s life, ovary size have a great significance. From maintaining a sound health of the reproductive system to escalating the chances of healthy pregnancy, ovaries play a crucial role. Undoubtedly, the importance of ovaries is widely acclaimed; but do you know the ovary size also contributes to increasing the chances of pregnancy? It actually does!

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Ovary size & its importance to get pregnant –

Ovaries produce as well as release 2 types of hormones namely Oestrogen and progesterone in women’s bodies. It is the ovaries where eggs are produced. For a smooth and easy pregnancy, the ovary size matters a lot as small sized ovaries implies a lower egg reserve for a woman.

Though it does not mean that a large size ovary would ensure egg reserve to be high for women. The size of ovaries are changeable that depends on various factors which are as below –

Factors affecting Ovary size change

In a normal lifespan of a woman, ovary size can change many times for multiple reasons. Age, pregnancy, ovarian disorders, and hormonal stimulation are few of the well-established factors causing change in ovary size.

So, the change in ovary size is quite certain, and now let’s figure out how and why ovary size interferes in the healthy pregnancy. Vardaan Medical Centre highlights the role and importance of ovary size and helps women who are trying to conceive with the required information.

  • Ovary size – matters for easy conceiving

It is evident that ovary size influences the good conceiving ability of a woman. So, the ovary size definitely matters for easy conceiving. The number of conceivable eggs ready for fertilization depends on the ovary size. Women having smaller ovaries than the normal ones are more likely to face difficulty in conceiving because of lower egg reserve.

To determine the ovary size, blood tests and ultrasound tests are often recommended. These tests also evaluate if the ovaries are functioning well or not. The ultrasound scan report suggests the ovary’s follicles count as it tells if the egg reserve in a woman is lower than normal.

  • Larger ovaries & chances to get pregnant

Just as smaller ovaries, larger ovaries also have certain alarming aspects which couples trying for pregnancy should know. Firstly, if you think that larger ovaries means higher egg reserve, then you need to correct yourself as it is just not true.

There are some critical health concerns that may result in enlarging ovaries. Some women having larger ovaries were suffering from tumors or other disorders, and had problems relating to ovulation.

Therefore, women with larger ovaries also have lower chances to get pregnant. To increase your chances of conceiving and get treatment for abnormal ovary size, consult our gynecologists at Vardaan Medical Centre.

  • Normal ovary size & chances to get pregnant

The normal size of a healthy ovary is 30 mm long, 25 mm wide, and 15 mm thick. In other words, the normal ovary size is 3 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, and 1.5 cm thick (0.8-12.7cc). In a healthy and normal-sized ovary, the number of egg reserves are likely sufficient. However, the egg size also matters in conceiving because it has to be of the right size for fertility. The minimum egg size to get pregnant is 18-20mm (1.8 – 2.0cm), otherwise, the normal egg size is 22 to 24mm (2.2 – 2.4cm). In case, your ovary produces shrunk eggs, it will cause your problem in conceiving.

By eating healthy food, regular workouts, living a stress-free life, having a healthy weight of your body, and connecting with a dependable gynecologist, you can certainly keep your ovaries healthy.

Vardaan Medical Centre has recorded its excellence in fertility and gynecology solutions by helping couples desiring to have their baby for years!

PCOS ovary size

Polycystic ovaries can be identified as; when (a) both or one ovary has 12 or more follicles in the diameter of 2–9 mm, or (b) both ovaries have more than 10 cm3 of ovarian volume. It is based on the past research and study conducted on women with PCOS in comparison with healthy women subjects.

Normal Ovary Size By Age

Age (years) Volume (cc)
<30 14-15
31-40 13
41-50 11
51-60 5-6
Above 60 4-5

Uterus normal size

The uterus normal size is 7.5 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2.5 cm think in adults. In other words, the normal size of uterus is 75 mm long, 50 mm wide and 25 mm think. The normal weight of uterus is approx. 30-40 grams.

Expert tips to enhance ovary size and boost egg health –

The quality and size of ovaries can certainly be improved, but that requires the expert help from a reliable gynecologist. Vardaan Medical Centre is a recognized gynecology and fertility centre that guides couples in a direction where their dreams of having their offspring find a real shape.

We make our patients hopeful towards their happy and prosperous life by increasing their chances to get pregnant.

If you are seeking medical help and tips for the size, quality and health of ovaries or eggs, follow our expert tips from the gynecology experts at Vardaan Medical Centre.

  • A healthy and sound body weight has to be maintained –

Whether you are underweight or overweight, your weight can certainly affect your eggs’ quality. Therefore, always try your best to maintain a sound and healthy weight of your body.

  • Regular physical workout-

For good ovarian health, regular physical workout is always recommended by fertility experts. With regular workout, we do not mean to engage in the extreme physical activities, but a simple 30 minutes’ walk, running or jogging, or yoga and meditations are also good to switch in.

  • Manage stress –

Stress is the biggest culprit in infertility. So, when you are trying to conceive, and working on improving the quality of ovary and eggs, you have to keep yourself away from stress. Try to keep your mind relaxed and stay calm as it will surely increase your chances to get pregnant.

  • Follow a healthy & balanced diet –

A healthy diet is a way to a healthy and happy life. With a healthy and balanced diet, we don’t mean to encourage you to cut down your favorite food entirely from your life, but have an understanding of managing your eating preferences.

A healthy diet includes the adequate amount of every required nutrients like good carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, good fats, minerals and vitamins. In case, your body does not find required nutrients, consult Vardaan Medical Centre.

Vardaan Medical Centre – helping couples getting rid of ovary & fertility related concerns

The problems related to fertility or pregnancy require support of a skilled fertility expert. Vardaan Medical Centre has become a &gt leading fertility centre providing the best gynecology solutions to couples. Women who are struggling with concerns of ovary or quality of eggs can find a great amount of help by addressing their problems to our gynecologists in Amritsar.

Our experienced fertility and gynecology experts at Vardaan Medical Centre have played an important role in giving hope to childless couples. Even, with our treatment, many couples with no hope for their baby have found life-changing positive outcomes.

For learning more about ovary size and its relation with pregnancy, and treatment for fertility, you can consult our fertility expert at Vardaan Medical Centre anytime

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