713, Mota Singh Nagar, Near Bus Stand, Jalandhar
40-A, Kennedy Avenue, Court Road, Amritsar
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Pediatric Immunization Clinic


Vardaan's Pediatric Immunization clinic provides all services to Newborns, Children and Adolescents below the age of 18. Our well trained and experienced paediatric specialists in Jalandhar provide all age appropriate vaccinations for newborns and children.

The advantages offered by Vardaan include:

  • We provide premium brands of vaccines
  • All vaccine administrations are done by a pediatrician
  • Detailed vaccine administration records are kept in patient charts
  • Vaccine cold chain efficacy is ensured at our facility
  • Single dose vials are used wherever possible to ensure maximum vaccine efficacy
  • Patient handouts are provided for each vaccine
  • Combination vaccines are provided on request to reduce the number of vaccine administrations
  • Our Vaccine Reminder service reminds you of upcoming vaccinations by e-mail or SMS