713, Mota Singh Nagar, Near Bus Stand, Jalandhar
40-A, Kennedy Avenue, Court Road, Amritsar

About Vardaan

All of the investigation services and treatment procedures in reproductive medicine for both men and women are available under one roof here at Vardaan Medical Center. The experienced, well-qualified and recognized, complete-in-all-respects team of doctors performs treatments with complete dedication to provide the joy of parenthood to hundreds of couples suffering from infertility.

Vardaan Medical Centre Jalandhar is located in Jalandhar City's heart, only 2 minutes away from the inter-state bus stand.Vardaan Medical Center, a unique state of the art IVF center located on Kennedy Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab offers excellent IVF success rates, aesthetic services, low prices, and stress-free treatment in North India. Our comfortable, state-of-the-art medical center is a convenient destination for couples from any part of the country. Our patients come from even abroad - from places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Undoubtedly, the infertility clinics in these countries are also as advanced and equipped with the latest techniques. Still, Indian origin patients prefer to come to us for assisted reproductive techniques as the climate factor here is more congenial to them than in other countries. We commemorate 17 years as a convenient destination for couples from any part of the country.

The Center is the only one of its kind in the entire region that has been designed as per international specifications keeping foremost in mind the comfort of the patients. The Center also carries out significant research and offers general medical professionals educational programs for the community to spread awareness regarding infertility and its management.

We are always proud to present our treatment´s overall success rates, as they are among the state's highest. We have the best individual treatment plan and stimulation methods tailored to your needs. Vardaan IVF center has a highly qualified staff who cares to continually learn to stay on top of the evolution of know-how for fertility.

Our fertility treatments and services are delivered in a professional and caring environment by a team of specialists, nurses, and counselors, who are all leaders in their fields. We provide global standard services and information on infertility treatment.

As you proceed towards parenthood, Vardaan's resources and experience shall help you achieve your dream just as we have assisted hundreds of others for over fifteen years.

Why Vardaan Medical Center?

Built as per international standards and specifications for a world-class infertility center, equipped with the latest and technically ultra-advanced machines and equipment to provide all sorts of infertility related investigations, treatments, and procedures right under one roof.

  • Dedicated 100% towards the cause of infertility, keeping up with the world standards and developments round the clock
  • Boasts of a team of doctors who have experience in treating the maximum number of infertile patients
  • Completely transparent Modus Operandi
  • All machines are sourced from the best of the providers world-wide, be it Australia, or US or UK, or any other country
  • Friendly doctors and staff; health-enhancing and designed-to-heal-faster rooms
  • Complete privacy of the patients