Ultrasound Centre in Jalandhar


Vardaan Diagnostic Centre in Jalandhar (Obs. & Gyn., TVS, Color Doppler)

Ultrasound is used to diagnose the body structure of a person through ultrasound waves. It is a medical test that creates a complete image of the structure. The test is simply called as an ultrasound or sonogram.

At Vardaan Medical Centre, our one of the best diagnostic medical sonographers in Jalandhar completely translate the ultrasound waves into an image through a device called a transducer. Our trained sonographers can easily see, measure, and identify structures in the image and our trained physicians can easily understand the images to diagnose health issues.

Sonography test includes no complications because it is usually performed externally on the surface of the skin. While the energy of the waves can potentially irritate or disrupt tissues due to prolonged exposure. But our trained medical sonographers in Jalandhar use techniques to minimize the exposure times and angles and make sonography, the safest of the imaging tests.

  • Routine Trans Vaginal Scan and color Doppler before and during the treatment cycle to monitor the progress of the cycle and timing of trigger injection
  • Oocyte Collection Procedures.
  • Other minor procedures like cyst aspiration etc.