Vardaan Complete Women Care


70-80 percent success rate

Vardaan Infertility Centre in Jalandhar is a resource for all your Infertility treatment needs in Punjab. We are proud to present our fertility treatment in the state with an overall success rate of 70-80%. Our team of specialists, nurses, and counselors are all leaders in their fields. As a Couples Care Center, we help families achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Our Success has been at such a percentage only due to our technology, dedications of the doctor and last but not least due to the trust our patients have given in the process and in the doctors

Success Rate

You will find all the treatments related to fertility under one roof in Vardaan Hospital to make the process easier for you.

25,000+ Pregnancies

Vardaan is proud to bless 25,000 parents with the blessing of joy in 22 years of the blissful journey

Holistic Approach

Our doctors not only focus on the best treatment to the patients but also provide them with emotional support to go through the treatment.