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Effects of diabetes on male & female fertility


It is a fact; Diabetes can be harmful to the fertility of men and women by affecting their reproductive health. Hormonal disruption by Diabetes is the main reason to cause delaying or failure of implantation and conception.

Diabetes makes your sperm and embryo quality weak as well as damages your DNA to cause deletions and genetic mutations, “our doctors at the best IVF center in Punjab say”. Insulin in our body manages blood glucose levels and requirements for glucose. On impairing of glucose tolerance in our body, a person can have Diabetes.

According to WHO in the year 2014, a record 422 million people had Diabetes. So, this considerable number also poses the risk of fertility problem due to Diabetes. At our IVF center in Jalandhar, we regularly see men and women, having problems to conceive babies.

How is Diabetes risky for male and female fertility?

Both men and women may have reduced chances of giving birth to a baby if they have Diabetes. Go through below to know in detail “how diabetes is harmful to male and female reproductivity?”

Do you think Diabetes can be the reason for infertility in males?

Diabetes can be perishable for the reproductive tendency of men. Although it may not make you totally infertile but in few manners effects on your fertility to make you less fertile. Men with Diabetes can commonly experience some sexual problems, like erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation. These issues can contribute to a loss of interest in sex and obstacles to give birth to the child. Besides, they have a poor-quality of sperm as compared to normal men.

According to the study, comparing the sperm quality of Diabetic men and non-Diabetic men for infertility, non-Diabetic men have 25% better semen levels than Diabetic infertile people. Also, Diabetic men have more DNA damage within their sperm. By all, it shows that having Diabetes can make it difficult for a man to conceive a child, also they possess a higher risk of deformities and miscarriage to new borne.

The relation between TYPE 1 diabetes and male fertility

When suffering from Type I Diabetes, there is an attack on our insulin-producing cells in the body which makes it difficult for us to regulate blood sugar. Consequently, we need to have daily external doses to supplement our body for insulin. This condition is hazardous for the fertility of men and obstructs them from impregnating their partner.

The relation between TYPE 2 diabetes and male fertility

TYPE 2 Diabetes occurs when there is insufficient production of insulin in our body. It is most common than TYPE 1 Diabetes. However, you would be able to control it by exercising regularly and taking a balanced meal. If men have full control over it, they can easily impregnate their partner without any treatment.

Do you think Diabetes can make women infertile?

It is not evident that Diabetic women cannot conceive. Diabetes is directly not related to the fertility of women as pregnancy of female also depends upon the partner. By such, we do not affirm whether Diabetes affect female fertility.

However, It may give difficulty to women to stay pregnant, especially when they have Diabetes for a long time. There is a lack of glucose control in the body by Diabetes, making it difficult for implantation of fertile eggs in the uterus. Besides, Diabetic women can also be suffering from obesity that can make it even difficult for women to get pregnant.

According to doctors, usually, women who have Diabetes have pregnancy every month. But it often results in miscarriage even before women start realizing she is in pregnancy period. It all happens because egg does not implant within the uterus.

If diabetic, women have 30 to 60% chances of miscarriage. Even on successful implantation, there are higher chances; a child taking birth may have congenital disabilities. Also, baby taking delivery is at a higher risk of Gestational Diabetes.

The relation between TYPE 1 Diabetes and female fertility

On suffering from TYPE 1 Diabetes, there is the involvement of various risks that can hinder the pregnancy of women. A problem like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can be detrimental to women’s fertility. It also causes premature menopause with irregular periods. Although you can regulate these issues by proper medicine.

The relation between TYPE 2 Diabetes and female fertility

Females suffering from TYPE 2 Diabetes, have similar issues like by TYPE 1 Diabetes. But, by a healthier lifestyle with adequate diet and the regular exercise they can stay sexually fit.

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