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What are the causes of female infertility?

causes-of female-infertility

Getting pregnant and carrying a baby are very challenging and complicated processes. Many things happen wrongly during these procedures to lead to infertility. Infertility occurs from female factors about one-third of the time, and it can be challenging to diagnose.

There are various available treatments, which entirely depend on the cause of infertility. Many infertile couples will go on to get pregnant without having any treatment. After putting efforts for two years, about 95 percent of couples successfully conceive. But several things can keep you away from getting pregnant:

Causes of female infertility

Some factors can disturb the procedure of pregnancy. Female infertility is caused by one or more of the factors below:-

  • Damage to fallopian tubes

Blocked fallopian tubes keep sperm away from eggs or damage the passage of the fertilized egg into the uterus. Fallopian tubes can be damaged due to pelvic infections, endometriosis, and pelvic surgery. This condition can prevent the connection between the sperm and the fertilized egg.

  • Failure to ovulate

The most common reason behind female fertility is the failure to ovulate, which is present in 40% of women with infertility problems. Aging, some gynecological conditions, endocrine diseases, and other environmental factors can raise the issue of not ovulating.

  • Problems in the menstrual cycle

Issues with the menstrual cycle, the procedure that prepares the woman’s body to have a pregnancy, can lead to infertility. This cycle has several phases, and issues at any one of the stages can lead to infertility problems.

  • Structural problems of the reproductive system

Structural problems can be caused due to the presence of abnormal tissue in the fallopian tubes or uterus. The problem occurs If the fallopian tubes are damaged, egg movement is lost, and there is no connection between the sperm and egg. Structural problems with the uterus can also raise female infertility.

  • Infections

Infections are also a big reason behind infertility in men and women. Problems like gonorrhoea and chlamydia in females can lead to pelvic swelling disease, which might damage the fallopian tubes. Syphilis increases the complications of a pregnant woman having a stillbirth.

  • Failure of an egg to mature properly

Eggs may not mature entirely due to various causes like PCOS, obesity, lack of essential proteins needed for the maturity of the egg. An immature egg is not able to be released at the right time or may not be ready to be fertilized.

  • Implantation failure

Implantation failure happens due to the failure of a fertilized egg to implant in the uterine wall to start a pregnancy. There are some specific causes of implantation failure:

  • Genetic issues in the embryo
  • Thin endometrium
  • Endometriosis
  • Scar tissue in the endometrial cavity
  • Embryonic issues
  • Progesterone resistance
  • Uterine or cervical causes

Various uterine or cervical causes can damage female fertility by disturbing the implantation or increasing the chances of a miscarriage:

  • Benign polyps or tumours
  • Endometriosis
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Hormonal problems

You may not be getting pregnant because your body is facing abnormal hormone changes that cause the release of an egg from the ovary and the thickening of the lining of the uterus.

  • Unexplained infertility

Sometimes, we are not able to find the cause of infertility. A combination of several minor disorders in both partners could cause unexplained fertility issues. Although it’s very irritating to get no specific cause, this issue can become normal itself with time. But you should visit the nearest fertility center immediately.

Prevention techniques to avoid female infertility

Some tips may help optimize fertility:

  • Maintain a normal weight

Overweight and underweight females have a higher risk of ovulation disorders. If you want to lose weight, do perform physical exercises moderately. Intense exercise of more than five hours a week can also cause ovulation disorders.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking harms female fertility in many ways, damages your general health and the health of a fetus. If you smoke, quit now. to have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Avoid alcohol

Heavy alcohol can increase fertility issues. And any alcohol can damage the health of a developing fetus. If you want to conceive, avoid alcohol, and don’t drink during your pregnancy.

  • Reduce stress

Some theories have proved that couples with psychological stress had terrible outcomes with infertility treatments. You have to find a way to reduce stress in your daily life before having a baby.

When to see a doctor

Your IVF Specialist will start the treatment right away if you or your partner has any of the infertility causes mentioned above, or if you have a problem of irregular or painful periods, pelvic inflammatory disease, multiple miscarriages, history of cancer treatment, or endometriosis.

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