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TOP 8 reason why and when couple need a IVF test tube baby treatment

Why couple needs IVF test tube baby treatment

With the introduction of various assisted reproductive techniques in the medical industry, many infertile couples who are looking forward to having their biological child have been magnificently relieved.

Some of the commonly used techniques are IVF or test tube baby, IUI, sperm donation, and so on. However, as the best IVF specialists in Jalandhar at Vardaan Medical Center we have seen couples opting IVF or test tube baby. After a closer examination of the patients and their cases, our IVF specialists recommend them IVF treatment. But what are the reasons and when do these couples require IVF test tube baby treatment. To help you gain insight into this, we have laid down this post describing all the reasons.

Top 8 Reasons Why and When a Couple Needs IVF or Test Tube Baby Treatment

  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes

When the fallopian is malfunctioning, it can be due to partial or complete blockage, or there can also be injury or infection in the internal layer of the tube that further impacts the traveling of the egg via the tube.

However, in such cases, test tube baby treatment is recommended to the couple since your egg does not require to be collected by the fallopian tube but is picked directly from the ovary and fertilized within the lab before the embryo getting transmitted to your uterus. This implies that any issue with the fallopian tube can be addressed by this treatment maximizing your chances of getting pregnant successfully.

  • Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

The hormonal imbalance is the key factor responsible for making PCOS as one of the primary reasons for infertility in women. This is because the ovaries stop receiving the appropriate level of hormones which make them incompetent in developing the eggs to maturity. Therefore, ovulation fails, and the follicles exist as a cyst. However, women with PCOS respond very well to the IVF treatment, where the fertilization of the eggs is made in a protected environment. After the collection of the eggs, they can be fertilized externally before being substituted within the womb.

  • Severe endometriosis

This is one of the common conditions where tissue outlining the uterus outgrows it and extends to areas like ovaries, fallopian tubes and also the area lying between the vagina and rectum and even the lining of the pelvic cavity. Therefore in several cases of severe endometriosis III and IV, the best IVF doctors recommend IVF or test tube baby treatment, to simplify the procedure of collecting eggs, sperm and embryos from the pelvic environment which are otherwise toxic to these cells.

  • Progressing Maternal Age

Age-related infertility has emerged as the most common cause of infertility in today’s era. This is because of the more the age of a woman, the lesser the number of eggs produced. Moreover, with the advancement of age, the quality of the egg or its likelihood to be biologically normal decreases. Therefore this results in a lesser probability of conceiving in women who are in their early 30s and 40s.

  • Unknown Factors

At times even a complete evaluation does not disclose the cause of infertility. This constitutes approximately 15% of the total cases of infertility. Fortunately, even when the causes of infertility are undetermined, various fertility treatments help treat the unknown reasons that prevent a couple from having their biological child.

  • Male Factor Infertility

This cause is associated with one of the factors of infertility within the couples. In such cases, either the semen is found abnormal, or the sperm function is degraded. As per the best urologists, it is advocated that in such cases the male in the couple can be advised to have some changes in his lifestyle or by going for treatments like IVF.

  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve

The term ‘ovarian reserve’ is associated with the number and quality of your eggs. Decreased ovarian reserve implies the decrease in the quantity and quality of the eggs as per the standard of the age. But the good news is one can still get pregnant with IVF/test tube baby treatment.

  • Endometrial Polyps

These are finger-like substances growing in the uterine cavity originating from the outer lining of the uterus. These unusual growths or polyps lead to a reduction in fertility. Therefore they can be removed through hysteroscopy treatment or also can be treated through IVF.

Get Best IVF/Test Tube Baby Treatment at Vardaan Medical Center

Any couple who has been trying to conceive for a year and are unsuccessful in their attempts are highly recommended to consult the best IVF specialists to get the right guidance about the fertility treatments. Our team of the experienced IVF doctors in Jalandhar carefully examine and diagnose the cause of infertility in the couples and also prescribe the appropriate treatment. As one of the best IVF hospitals in North India IVF hospitals in North India, we aim to offer you with the respective knowledge, high-end technologies and the modern medical advancements in infertility treatments to optimize your probability of pregnancy.

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