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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant


Are you trying to get pregnant for a while but all of your efforts are going in vain? Sadly, it might be taking a lot of time to get a positive pregnancy test. Surprisingly, you are not alone in this. Around one in eight couples who are trying to conceive faces such issues.

Time between deciding to try for a baby and finding out pregnancy can be exciting. But there are certain roadblocks that can get in the way of getting pregnant. So you must know the reasons that may be preventing you from it.

You may start wondering whether it is a medical problem or do I need to be more patient? However, there are certain factors that can affect your ability to get pregnant. Get to know them here.


Infertility is the inability to become pregnant after one year of unprotected sex for women under 35. Vast majority of women will become pregnant within the first twelve months of trying to conceive. But some of the women may not conceive. It can happen because of several reasons listed below.

How long should it take?

If you are in the first months of trying a baby, getting pregnant doesn’t happen quickly. Most of the healthy couples will conceive within one year if they actively try to conceive.

If you are under 35 and trying to get pregnant from the past 6 months then it’s time to consult your doctor.

Why am I not Getting Pregnant?

  • Timing

In order to get pregnant, timing plays a crucial role. Sperms need to come in contact with the egg during ovulation. Not every day of the year is right for this. If you have started trying but are unaware about the ovulation window, then chances may get slow.

Tracking menstrual cycles can help to address this issue. A healthy 30 years old has 20% chances to get pregnant each month. So you need to fully understand about your menstrual cycle or ovulation period as it can enhance your chances of conceiving.

  • Age Factor

Age factor is an important consideration as it is concerned with your fertile window. Women can’t conceive after the stoppage of their menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle stops in the 40s and 50s. Men can, however, produce sperm throughout their life but women are born with a set number of eggs.

All women have around two million eggs. But till they reach puberty, their egg counts can reduce to thousands. At the age of 37 women lose eggs in large amounts. The quality of eggs also declines with age. As a consequence, conceiving is not possible after a certain age. It can also lead to miscarriages or having babies with genetic disorders.

  • Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can also reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Blocked fallopian tubes prevent sperm from reaching the egg. This can enhance the chances of causing infertility. Pelvic infections, sexually transmitted diseases can increase your risk of fallopian tube obstruction.

Irregular uterine shape can also make it difficult for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterine wall. Uterine fibroids can cause certain abnormalities or scar tissues from surgery or infection. An irregular shape of the uterine can also cause certain issues.

  • Birth Control

Some types of birth control can also affect or delay future fertility. Methods of birth control like condoms or pills may not impact your future fertility. But some methods like contraceptive shots can delay fertility for months. Methods like tubal ligation or vasectomy can also have long-term impact on fertility.

These birth control methods can become harmful and can pose certain problems. Therefore, you must be fully aware before using them.

  • Stress and Lack of Sleep

A balanced and peaceful life can enhance your chances of conceiving. When you are stressed, your mind and body will not relax as you may have certain problems which can also affect your health or hormones. This can decrease your chances of conceiving. You can do meditation or exercises to relieve your stress.

Sleep deprivation can also put stress on the body. If you are not getting enough sleep, it will affect your reproductive cycle. You may start feeling anxious and can have missed periods. So, you must get a good sleep every night.

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