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IVF Diet: Nutritional Guidelines for your Fertility Treatment


Are you about to start your IVF Journey or perhaps you are already on it. One in eight women goes for IVF treatment to have a biological baby. In this journey of IVF, you need to pay close attention to certain things including your IVf diets.

Physical fitness and diet can make a great difference in your IVF outcome. A good fertility diet lays the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy and higher success ratio.

For a healthy pregnancy, it is important for eggs and sperms to be healthy. The IVF process requires mental and emotional stability so a good diet is a way to boost up your mood. Enjoying your food to the fullest lets you avail more benefits and speeds up the process.

Prepare a list of a healthy balanced diet

Healthy eating means getting the desired macros for your body every day. Preparing a diet chart will help you to know which food is good and what to avoid during IVF treatment. You can also track your calories along with a healthy meal. Tracking your nutrition will allow you to see what is working right for you.

Foods to eat during IVF treatment

The right food will help your body to respond quickly to the IVF treatment. You can ask your nutritionist to get the right IVF diet’s plan. There are certain nutrients that are essential for the success of IVF. Let’s know more about it.

  • Folic Acid in Food

Folic acid is good to take during pregnancy. Along with certain vitamins, folic acid helps in the healthy development of the child’s brain in the womb. Birth defects generally occur in the first three to four weeks of pregnancy due to lack of certain nutrients.

You can take the required amount of folic acid. But you need to consume the right amount of folic acid for your baby.

  • When you plan and try to conceive: 400 mcg
  • For first three months of pregnancy: 400 mcg
  • In 4th and 9th month of pregnancy : 600 mcg
  • Iron-rich Foods

Iron deficiency or anemia can lead to preterm birth. Due to the lack of a healthy diet, many women face deficiency of iron.Undoubtedly, iron is related to ovulation and good health of the eggs. You can add pumpkin seeds, oysters and spinach in your IVF diets.

  • Healthy Fats

Iron deficiency or anemia can lead to preterm birth. Due to the lack of a healthy diet, many women face deficiency of iron. Undoubtedly, iron is related to ovulation and good health of the eggs. You can add pumpkin seeds, oysters and spinach in your diet.

These fats will work as energy storage in your body. Including these fats in your IVF diets will help in enhancing the chances of IVF procedure success.

  • Protein-rich Food

Appropriate presence of protein in your body affects the development of eggs in the ovaries. Proteins are highly recommended when you are trying to get pregnant. It provides instant energy to the body and helps in overall body development.

You can consume eggs, meats and other dairy products to get protein. It is advisable to include 25% of your calorie intake to be in protein.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are a healthy food choice to make during pregnancy. These green vegetables are fertility boosting food for your body as they are rich in antioxidants, folic acid and iron. You must include them in your daily food intake.

  • Cabbage

The Di-indole methane present in cabbage helps in the regulation of estrogen metabolism. Cabbages are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which are good for your body’s health.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes are helpful in increasing the cell division in your body. Regular consumption of potatoes provides essential vitamins like B and E to your body.

  • Banana

Loaded with vitamin B6, banana is considered as a superfood which helps in regulating menstrual cycles. This fruit is a healthy snack option because it provides numerous benefits to the body.

  • Pineapple

Pineapple contains a great amount of manganese in it. It is a reproductive mineral which helps in producing reproductive hormones. Owing to this feature, it is considered as a great fruit to make the IVF procedure successful.

  • Salmon

Salmon has a rich amount of omega and fatty acid. The reason why it is essential to be taken during your IVF treatment is it can help in oestrogen balance and also increases blood flow in the body. But you must completely cook it before taking it.

  • Complex Carbs

Complex carbs are good to regulate your blood sugar levels. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight and is good for the health of your child.

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