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Tips for choosing face contouring procedures?


Are you fed up with the stubborn pockets of fat that make you uncomfortable while standing in front of the mirror? Are the imperfect proportions of your face causing you discomfort? If you are relating while reading this, it means you are on the hunt for an optimal solution. Therefore, you have landed at the right place where you will get every solution to your problem.

By embracing modern techniques, medical science has uncovered an array of incredible solutions to facial problems. You can seamlessly alleviate all these face and appearance problems with popular aesthetic services.

In a sea of aesthetic techniques, which treatment plan you should hinge on is quite a decision to make. Thus, taking the heap off your shoulders, we have penned down the various aesthetic methods that will help you transform your look and get rid of every facial issue.

What is face contouring?

Face contouring, also known as facial sculpting, is a cosmetic surgical treatment that helps in enhancing the overall shape of the face. All the structural elements like cheek, chin, jaw and other parts are transformed using implants.

Facial contouring or face contouring adds that perfect balance, proportion, and definition to face, that over time with age, had been lost. The procedure can be either surgically accomplished or by using injections or fillers. However, all this boils to one factor: Which part you want to treat and what your surgeon recommends?

Types of face contouring–

There are a galore of face contouring types that you will come across. Depending on the part you want to improve, you have to make a decision among the various types available.

  • Facial implant

If you want to uplift, contour, and redefine different parts of your face like lips,
cheeks, jawline, cheeks, chin, and nose, facial implants will do miracles for you. The process enhances the face structure by tightening, toning, and in some cases removing saggy skin. As a result of this procedure, you will get that refreshing facial look with reduced signs of aging by rendering voluminous and smoother skin.

  • Fat grafting

A skinny face can often make your features go a bit bland. Thus, having the right proportions of fat on the face is the key to enhance those features and get that amazing look. Fat grafting would be a smart choice in such a case.

The procedure aims to extract fat cells from parts like thighs, buttocks, belly which are then liquefied to inject into your face. This results in making your face voluminous with the apt fat proportion.

  • Chin augmentation

An excellent choice for both men and women to give that perfect definition and shape to your chin. In men, the procedure focuses on enhancing the chin by making it much more masculine and stronger. But in women, it is a terrific method of adding volume to the chin, giving it a more feminine and softer touch

  • Facial liposuction

Now, those fed up from the fat on the face must undergo facial liposuction. It is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that adds definition to your face..

  • Lip contouring

If you intend to contour your pale, thin, and shapeless lips or make them plumper, then lip contouring would be a perfect choice. It is a simple and minimally invasive treatment that is effectively performed using dermal filler injections under the guidance of expert facial plastic surgeons.

  • Neck and brow lift

Neck and brow regions are known to age much earlier than the other body parts. The most prominent signs of aging around these areas like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin are observed around these regions. This is because of the tonnes and tonnes of expressions made using these parts.

Luckily, this magical procedure uplifts the neck and brow, giving you that ever young and refreshing look. Neck and brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure that effectively alleviates all the issues.

How is face contouring performed?

The face contouring process begins with a CT scan. The cosmetic surgeon will analyze all the facial bones and tissues underneath your skin through this CT scan. The images generated will act as the pieces of guidance for enhancing and improving the facial features by accurate cosmetic surgery.

Thereafter, the surgeon proceeds with the face contouring procedure under general anesthesia. According to the selected procedure, the required facial bones and tissues of the respective region are uplifted and improved as per the need. The end objective of the procedure is to attain the well-proportioned appearance overall.

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