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How to Calculate IVF Success Rate?


As soon as one plans to get on to the journey to fertility, it becomes very crucial to understand the IVF success rates of fertility Centre. However, learning about the total number of births per cycle, or births with donor eggs can become helpful in deciding which reproductive Centre to choose.

We at Vardaan Medical Center relate to the importance of getting a baby for a couple who is facing issues with fertility. Therefore, the team of best IVF specialists in Jalandhar has contributed to making people aware of How to know about the IVF success rates of a Centre.

Can the IVF Success Rates collate reproductive Centre?

Since there is a big difference between the number of patients in different Centre, and also the difference in the cases from patient to patient, drawing a comparison between several Centre is not a correct indicator of the overall quality and competency of a given IVF center.

However, the most genuine indicator of a clinic’s professionalism is the live birth rates from brand new donor eggs. It is because of the former fact; most egg donors are carefully screened for fertility, delivering a consistent populace of fertile patients that might be compared among the clinics.

Although, the designated government agencies still recommend against contrasting one clinic’s number of cases directly to another because of the series of variants inpatient population and how every clinic operates.

Factors to be considered while choosing an IVF Centre

Similar to other medical services, IVF is also personalized as per the given case. Therefore, it is not advisable to select a clinic just based on the success rates. Since rates can be quickly tempered, and clinics usually do not consider patients with lower chances of success. In other words, the rates can be manipulated by only taking up the cases of those patients who exhibited higher chances of success.

However, while researching an IVF clinic, it is imperative to inquire about the criteria used by the respective IVF center in screening the patients. There are several clinics that only consider the cases of the patients where the couple has high chances of getting pregnant.

Before going for an IVF treatment, one should enquire about the fertility doctor about what kind of patients they deal with. More complex and older are the fundamentals of a patient; it is more likely for you to select an IVF center that genuinely believes in helping the patients to conceive a baby.

Similarly, being the best IVF hospital in Jalandhar, we treat the most complicated cases without any regard for the numbers we achieve.

Calculating IVF success rates and reporting them

  • Live Birth Rate

It refers to the number of babies who were born, divided by the number of cycles commenced to get the birth consequently. You should always remember that this data is generally dated, so you should take note of the fact that the fertility doctors continually refine and improve IVF.

The IVF success rate exhibited by the concerned authorities might be lesser than the present rates by the time a couple undergoes the IVF treatment.

  • Implantation and Pregnancy Rates

The designated government bodies showcase the report on implantation and pregnancy rates on their official websites. This enables the readers to view the number of patients who have got positive results when checked for pregnancy. Also, the number of clinical pregnancies verified through ultrasound and how many ended with a miscarriage are viewed.

Get the best and highest IVF success rate at Vardaan Hospital Jalandhar.

Vardaan Medical Center is known for its IVF success and its successful pregnancy rates Per Embryo transfer. The most significant IVF success rate of pregnancy per Embryo transfer decreases the entire treatment cost and reduces the inconvenience and time off from task-related to multiple egg retrieval.

As the best IVF center in Jalandhar, our specialists have catered numerous patients to deliver their babies with a high IVF success rate and is continuing to provide the best among all. It is our patients’ trust and cooperation that has helped us rank as the best IVF hospital in North India.

Our IVF specialists profess that the IVF success rate varies with factors such as female’s age, this is because the quality and quantity of the eggs are dependent on the age of the female, more the age lesser the number of eggs.

But we at Vardaan have the team of the best IVF doctors and state of the art lab, that helps us in consistently maintaining high IVF success rates.

Our primary aim is to make every couple enjoy the joy of parenthood since we believe that everyone merits to have their own family.

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