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Why choosing the right egg donor is important for IVF


For women who have age- or health-related concerns, IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, is a gift from medicine. When there is no other option, it is offered to couples as a last choice to enjoy motherhood. How then do you choose the ideal egg donor for your IVF treatment?

Today, women who struggle to conceive naturally due to fertility concerns consult an IVF specialist to help them on their motherhood path. Self-egg IVF is the first option.

However, there are some situations when self-egg IVF is not a suitable option because of dwindling egg reserve or unfavorable age notwithstanding egg reserve, in which case the egg donor is advised.

Couples who are unable to obtain sperm naturally or through a man’s surgical procedure are assisted in IVF treatment through sperm donation. In an IVF procedure, the donor sperm is either used to inseminate the woman (IUI) or to fertilize her eggs.

The experts then give the couple advice on this third-party reproduction, in which donors aren’t contacted directly, their photographs aren’t shared, and their privacy is kept. The ART Banks established by governments are explained to them. Intended moms are also unaware of the donor, just as donors have no idea who will receive their eggs. This procedure is being carried out to guarantee the future protection of a child’s mental health.

Why choosing the right egg donor is important for IVF 

Choosing the appropriate egg donor for IVF is the first stage in this process, even though egg donor IVF seems to be the ideal option for a couple. Selecting the ideal egg donor for the donor egg IVF process might be confusing.

When choosing who seems right and what fits your needs in this wonderful process of starting your family, there are numerous factors to consider. This is why you should contact the Best IVF center in Srinagar which will give you all the answers to any questions you may have regarding the choice of an egg donor, including: –

  1. Process of selection of donor which includes:
  • Age – The donor must be under 30 years old
  • Physical characteristics and appearance – When choosing a donor, the donor’s physical characteristics should be your top priority. Ensuring the donor’s and intended mother’s physical characteristics match up is crucial.

The screening procedure is carried out to make sure that the expectant mother’s physical characteristics match:

  • Height
  • Compatibility
  • Hair
  • Eye Color
  • Blood Group
  • ANH & HPLC Tests – The screening process is then proceeded with an ANH test, commonly known as HPLC, to check her ovarian reserve and thalassemia to ensure negative thalassemia genes

Process  for IVF procedure

The following steps are taken after egg IVF:

  • Testing Procedures – Following the donor’s screening, her ANH and HPLC tests are sent to determine the egg quality and whether the donor has any genetic abnormalities that could be passed on to the offspring
  • Complete Health Checkup – This is followed by her full health check-up to rule out if all her tests are normal
  • Her medical background – It’s crucial to investigate the donor’s medical background to ensure that your child is born healthy. Before the procedure is permitted, both the egg donors and the intending parents must pass a screening process. Both infectious and genetic disorders are checked in donors. Please keep the health of the egg donor in mind so that you have a healthy child

A Way to Safeguard the Child: Anonymity

To maintain donor confidentiality, the government advises that the donor’s identity always remains private and is never disclosed to the family. Everything else, such as the donor’s characteristics, blood group, educational background, number of children, physical characteristics, employment status, and the results of all her blood tests will be shared with you by the doctor, except for photographs of the donor or meetings with her.

As a result, choosing the best egg donor might involve several factors, and intended parents may need assistance in a variety of ways. Contact the Best IVF center in Jalandhar for a safe and successful IVF procedure.

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