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Best IVF Center in Amritsar

IVF Centre in Amritsar

Looking for Best IVF Centre in Amritsar? Vardaan Medical Center is the place for you. Vardaan Medical Center has a team of the best IVF Specialist Doctors and delivers the best Infertility Treatment in Amritsar. Our doctors are super-specialists in Infertility Treatment in Amritsar and nearby areas. Our team holds the highest professional degree for Infertility Treatment in Punjab. Vardaan Test Tube Baby Center in Amritsar is considered the no.1 IVF Hospital in Amritsar and across Punjab. If you want to consult the best and top IVF centre in Amritsar, Punjab, then the team at Vardaan Medical Center is the best option for you for Infertility Treatment in Amritsar. Considering the experience of the Infertility Treatment Team, Vardaan Medical Center has the best infertility doctors / top fertility experts in Amritsar, and with 20 years of practicing experience, the team will detect the root cause very easily and will surely give you the chance of becoming a parent in a most cost-effective way. Vardaan Medical Center delivers all IVF Treatment Facilities in Amritsar and nearby areas.

With an experience of over 17 years, Vardaan Medical Center is recognised among the best IVF Centers in Amritsar. Our fertility center offers the best infertility treatment in Amritsar for both men and women.

Backed by a team of highly experienced IVF experts in Amritsar, Vardaan Medical Center brings unparalleled clinical expertise in treating all the patients. Our infertility experts are dedicated to offer the specialised and world -class infertility treatment in Amritsar.

All the IVF procedures at our IVF center in Amritsar provides a ray of hope to every couple wishing to be parents.

Vardaan Medical Center for IVF Procedures: Why Choose Us?

Built to match the exacting specifications of an international infertility center, this facility incorporates the most advanced technology and equipment to provide all sorts of infertility-related investigations, treatments, and procedures under one roof.

Highly-experienced Fertility Specialists in Amritsar

At Vardaan Medical Center, you get the best infertility treatment in Amritsar from the best IVF specialist. These specialists have years of expertise in handling all kinds of infertility procedures.

Increasing awareness in the region

As part of its research and educational activities, the center offers education programs to general practitioners in order to spread awareness about infertility treatment and management.

Friendly Consultation and best infertility treatment in Amritsar

You can connect with our infertility specialists who will guide you in your parenthood journey. We offer friendly consultation to all our patients under a comfortable environment.

Vardaan Medical Center: The Best IVF Center in Amritsar

Each patient who walks into Vardaan Medical Center, gets treated under the supervision of best IVF specialists. All the IVF procedures at our IVF center guarantee highest success to the couples seeking infertility treatment in Amritsar.

Infertility diagnosis helps to determine the cause of your problems and determine which treatment is best for you.

Who should go for IVF Treatment in Amritsar?

Vardaan Medical Center offers the best infertility treatment in Amritsar to treat various conditions related to:

  • Severe Male Infertility
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Low Sperm mobility
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve
  • Implantation Problems

Consult the Most Trusted & Best IVF Center in Amritsar

Vardaan Medical Center serves the infertility needs of all the couples struggling to become parents. You can consult our IVF specialists anytime to know about the treatment.

We are with you in your IVF journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Till what age IVF treatment is advisable?

Age is as such no barrier to go for IVF treatment. Though, the best age for IVF Is considered to be between 20s and early 30s. Also, as per IVF specialists, the maximum age to go for IVF treatment is 50 years.

At our IVF center in Amritsar, the IVF procedure generally involves transfer of two embryos. However, it can vary from couple to couple.

IVF is considered as a first-line of treatment for couples with infertility issues like fallopian tube damage, endometriosis, impaired sperm production, poor sperm quality or unexplained infertility.

Generally three IVF cycles are required to get pregnant. However, the number of IVF cycles a patient requires mainly depends on the age of patients, their general health or immunological factors of couples.

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