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IUI Treatment: What to Expect?

IUI is one of the artificial insemination methods (intrauterine insemination). At ovulation, washed and concentrated sperm are directly inserted into the uterus. This facilitates healthy sperm’s proximity to the egg upon its release from your ovaries. It’s a typical fertility procedure for couples.

What is IUI?

A method of artificial insemination called intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves injecting sperm into the patient’s uterus.

Sperm must move from your vagina through your cervix, into your uterus, and to your fallopian tubes during a natural conception. Just 5% of the entire sperm enters your uterus through your vagina. Your ovary releases the egg, which travels to your fallopian tube. Here, the sperm and egg combine, resulting in fertilization. During IUI, the sperm is collected, purified, and concentrated so that only high-quality sperm remains. This sperm is transferred nearer to your fallopian tubes by being inserted straight into your uterus with a catheter (thin tube).

IUI reduces the amount of time and distance that the sperm must travel to reach an egg. As a result, your chances of getting pregnant increase. IUI is frequently used first by medical professionals before resorting to more intensive fertility procedures. IUIs can be carried out using donor sperm or sperm from your partner. A person may take fertility medicines to guarantee eggs are released during ovulation.

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Why is IUI required?

IUI is preferred by people for a variety of reasons, including infertility problems such as male factor infertility, etc.

When these situations arise, intrauterine insemination (IUI) may be used:

  • Sperm deficiencies or low sperm counts – Semen testing is a component of infertility therapy. It can indicate that your spouse has little sperm. As only superior sperm is chosen and used in your treatment, IUI can help in these issues
  • Cervical Cancer – Your uterus and vagina are separated by your cervix. Sperm is assisted in moving from the vagina, via the uterus, and to the fallopian tubes by mucus secreted by the cervix. Sperm may find it challenging to swim through thick mucus. During IUI, sperm travels straight to your uterus without passing through your cervix.
  • Sperm allergy – Rarely, a person will develop an allergy to their partner’s sperm. It may result in their vagina becoming red, swollen, and burning. Because the proteins causing the allergy are eliminated during sperm washing, IUI can be successful.
  • Unaccounted-for infertility – This occurs when doctors are unable to identify the reason for infertility.

Schedule your appointment with the nearest IUI treatment center to know about the cost details.

Does IUI work?

IUI is most effective in patients with unexplained infertility, problems with cervical mucus, or difficulties ejaculating. IUI won’t be successful in some situations, such as endometriosis, significant sperm impairment, or fallopian tube abnormalities.

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