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What is Pregnancy Success Rate in IVF by Age?


Having read about the costs involved in the IVF process, you might now be wondering what will be the IVF Success rate in your case or not. However, the best part about this process is that it is usually successful, and particularly in the cases where the women are under 35 years of age and those who are utilising donor eggs.

But the best IVF specialists at Vardaan Medical Center also state that when it comes to considering women coming from every age group, the success rate of pregnancy is between 34% to 42% over a period of three cycles.

IVF Success Rates

Although the success rates of IVF are all over the internet, but the major point to understand here is that the success of an IVF is usually based upon the age of the respective woman. This is because more the age of a woman, lesser are the chances of IVF to get successful in case she is utilising her own eggs.

Considering the previously reported cases, IVF has seen a good number of successful cases while using non-donor eggs, per egg retrieval.

Live Births per Egg Retrieval:

  • Those women who are under the age of 35 years – 54.4% chances of live births per egg retrieval.
  • Women between 35-37 years in age – 42% chances of live births per egg retrieval.
  • Women between the age group 38-40 years – 26.6% chances of live births per egg retrieval.
  • Women falling under the age group 41-42 – 13.3% chances of live births per egg retrieval.
  • Women of 43 years and above – 3.9% chances of live births per egg retrieval.Consequently, these figures are to make you understand the success rate of IVF drops considerably once you have attained the age of 40. This is the primary reason why our team of the best IVF doctors recommend women of 40 and above to use donor eggs.
    However, in the cases where the donor eggs are used, the age of the woman takes a second seat in the list of factors responsible.
  • 53.3% is the chances of live births per cycle when using donor eggs (in case of fresh embryos)
  • 38.5% are the chances of live births per cycle using donor eggs (in case of frozen embryos)

Moreover, one interesting fact that you should not miss out on is that pregnancy success in IVF gets higher even to that of a younger woman of 35 years using her own eggs. That is the beauty of using donor eggs, that they offer the best possible chances for a successful IVF.

Comparison between One Cycle Statistics and Multiple Cycle Statistics

Another important fact to take a note of is that the aforementioned statistics are in accordance with one egg retrieval. As the best IVF hospital in Jalandhar we have seen cases that are more successful when
performed more than one IVF cycle, and it is especially recommended that you should plan for it beforehand.

Considering an example of a woman who got pregnant with IVF treatment might have gone through an average of 2.7 cycles. It implies that the chances of success- for women coming from all age groups is 34%-42% after three IVF cycles. With considerable experience in offering the best IVF treatments over so many years, if one desires to improve the chances, they should try it for at least three cycles.

Are you thinking of what would be the results when tried for more than three cycles? Taking the above-mentioned instance into account, the cumulative pregnancy success rates continue to get better just a little bit for a maximum of 5 cycles. Following that the chances remain stagnant.

Get the Best IVF Treatment in Jalandhar at Vardaan Medical Center

Before getting on to any conclusion or deciding upon an IVF clinic, it is highly recommended to look up for the success rate of IVF of every shortlisted clinic. But you should be very cautious and extra smart in such cases.

For example, a clinic exhibiting greater success rates of IVF might be turning down the couples who seem to have meagre chances of success. Also, there might be cases where they are transmitting a higher number of embryos in every treatment cycle, that can be threatening.

However Vardaan Medical Center provides crucial options for the treating fertility issues, the decision-making at our hospital involves several factors in addition to the success rates.

Furthermore, do not miss out on comparing their live birth rates and not only the rate of pregnancy. Just keep in mind, the pregnancy success rate will always be higher as compared to the live birth rate since it does not comprise of miscarriage and stillbirth.

Consult our Fertility centre , IVF doctors and counselors about your case and specific treatment, and clarify all your doubts. It is always a better option to stay prepped up rather than dealing with unexpected events during this point of making crucial decisions for life.

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