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8 ways to boost your chances of pregnancy with IVF

boost-you-chance-of-pregnancy-with ivf

When it comes to the world of in vitro fertilization (IVF), information is very important for women and families seeking the best chances to conceive. It can be a tough challenge when you’re having trouble conceiving a baby Many couples have got a lot of stress and frustration in their relationships over the disappointment of months going by without getting pregnant. At some point on your journey of trying to get pregnant with IVF, you might think if there is anything you can do to improve your chances of pregnancy.

According to the Center for Disease Control‘s (CDC) latest report, around 1.7% of all infants born in the USA every year are conceived using Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART). This method’s utilization has doubled in the past decade. About one in eight USA’s couples have the issue of infertility or the inability to getting pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex.


8 ways to boost pregnancy chances with IVF

As a solution, a large number of people are moving towards in vitro fertilization (IVF), a process in which surgically removed eggs are fertilized with sperm in a lab and inserted directly into the uterus. About 5% of all babies born in the USA were conceived through the IVF process. If you are looking to increase your chances of getting pregnant with IVF, here are the best 8 ways:

  • Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet as well as weight is essential in fertility and IVF. We know that being obese (BMI >35) and underweight (BMI <19) enhances the time of conception by 2 and 4 times, respectively, and negatively damages IVF success rates.

Being overweight also makes determining the ovaries during the IVF process tougher. It enhances the chance of complications during egg retrievals. This is best executed with changes in diet and activity with the help of expertise

  • Optimize sperm health

Utilization of multivitamins and maintaining standard bodyweight, as well as using boxers over briefs, could enhance sperm quality, Under special care, men can also be started on medicines that can help strengthen sperm numbers and quality that can have a significant impact on IVF results.

In some cases, sperm aspirated directly from the testicle after ejaculation could also be great. Involving a male infertility consultant for any form of abnormalities in semen analyses is the best way.

  • Reduce your stress

Increased stress levels can affect natural and assisted conception rates. Reducing stress troubles during the prepration IVF of procedure can be one of the toughest challenges to achieve for couples. Several reports suggest improving pregnancy outcomes with the utilization of acupuncture and other stress-relieving procedures, like stress reduction, enrolling in mind-body programs, and resilience training workshops.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking can dangerously decrease the chance of pregnancy while performing IVF because it damages egg or sperm quality. Quitting smoking is a tough task and usually requires an exceptional deal of personal as well as professional support. Try to involve your family members to help encourage you in the task. For smoking cessation, structured programs and pharmacological assistance are the most successful methods.

  • Take supplements

DHEA and CoQ10 are the best supplements that have shown some promise in association with an enhancement in egg quantity and quality. Talk to your IVF doctor or gynaecologist to see if he or she suggests them for you. Multivitamins may also play a vital role.

  • Ensure you have adequate levels of vitamin D

Over 40% of persons are deficient in Vitamin D, and there is interesting data on its association with infertility and worse IVF results. Ask your specialist to check your vitamin D level, and consider taking a vitamin D supplement if required.

  • Focus on persistence and patience

Many individuals require more than one cycle of IVF to get an embryo for transfer, and results may differ significantly from cycle to cycle. If your first cycle wasn’t right, your gynaecologist specialist might adjust the medicines to optimize a subsequent one. Try not to be discouraged by suboptimal results and setbacks—you are going well.

  • Consult with an excellent doctor and embryology lab

Choosing an expert reproductive endocrinologist is twofold: in addition to experience and commitment to a result-oriented medicine, look for a professional with whom you feel comfortable and connected. Your consultant will accompany you on this very emotional journey, and it is essential for you to feel supported and heard. To find the best embryology laboratory, search for a long history of exceptional results.

When to See a Fertility Doctor?

When all other procedures have not worked, seeing a fertility doctor may ultimately be significant. They can help you determine methods to improve the fertility that you may not have known about, or previously didn’t have access to. Specialists at Vardaan Medical Centre, the best IVF hospital in Jalandhar, create treatment plans with prescription medicines or get you started on the path of in vitro fertilization.

Our fertility specialists can help you not only determine the possible way, but they can assist you in making it your reality. Our highly qualified and experienced team of IVF specialists can provide you the best IVF treatment in Jalandhar.

The journey of trying to begin or grow your family can be a rough road. Vardaan Medical Centre, a renowned IVF centre in Jalandhar I wants to help make it as smooth as possible.

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