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How do I prepare for IVF?

How do I Prepare for IVF

Though it may feel like the results of In Vitro Fertilization [ IVF] procedure are out of your control, there is actually a lot you can do to increase the possibility of a successful outcome.

As it is said that the efforts towards a positive outcome always begin with prior preparation. So for that, you have to prepare your body and mind for IVF treatment.

The IVF procedure can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. Couples who decide to undergo IVF treatment may ask several questions like, ‘Is this the right treatment for me?’ or “When will I achieve positive outcomes?” can come to your mind.

Additionally, with every IVF cycle, you invest your precious time, money, and your physical and mental wellbeing. At times, you may feel drained or anxious. However, prior preparation and knowledge about the procedure can be of great help.

So we are here to help you prepare yourself for an IVF procedure. But, before you start your IVF journey, there are some things you can do to make it a bit easier and to improve your odds of success.

Understanding the process – What to expect at each step of the IVF procedure:

Understanding the IVF process is the first step to prepare your body and mind for the treatment ahead.  IVF procedure involves fertilizing mature eggs in a laboratory setting and then transferring the embryos into a mother’s uterus.

Each step of IVF treatment can make you feel nervous or fragile. However, the more you understand about each step, the more you will become mentally and physically prepared. There are mainly four stages of IVF including:

Ovarian stimulation and monitoring

At this stage fertility specialists will stimulate the ovaries, through various medications, including a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). After that, you can monitor the development with the help of ultrasound imaging and blood tests.

Egg retrieval

You will be placed under anesthesia once the eggs get matured. Then your fertility team retrieves these eggs from each follicle using a needle.


In this process, the male sperm is collected and processed. After that, the most viable sperm are mingled with the eggs in the laboratory.

Embryo transfer

After that, the fertilized eggs or embryos will be transferred into the uterus.

One cycle of IVF will take about two weeks, and you may require more than one cycle to conceive. Moreover, the result may vary from couple to couple due to factors like age or reproductive health.

Preparing for IVF – The mental preparation:

It can seem overwhelming to keep your stress at bay, especially when you are dealing with infertility issues. You may feel a variety of emotions when you prepare yourself for IVF. Anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty can come and go from the start to the end.

Therefore, it is essential to be emotionally and mentally prepared when you decide to undergo the procedure of IVF. Here are certain things that you can keep in mind while preparing yourself for IVF.

Have the support of your partner?

When it comes to IVF, your partner’s support is crucial. This process may require eight to ten injections a day and going through many tests, which can make this journey a roller coaster ride of emotions. So having your partner by your side is extremely important.

You can share your pain, emotions, and nervousness with your partner. Communication is the key during this challenging phase as you can tell each other how you are feeling. Put aside some time each day to spend it with each other and make sure that you are providing support to each other

When you go for an IVF procedure it is essential to put yourself first and make sure your body and mind are getting what they need. Regular self-care can keep your body and mind in check. In addition, self-care is vital to prepare yourself mentally for the IVF treatment.

Preparing for IVF – The Physical Preparation

Starting an IVF involves a lot of physical preparation as it involves medications, multiple tests, or injections. Therefore, your body should be fully prepared to undergo this procedure.

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking or drinking has a negative impact on the quality of eggs. Both you and your partner should stop smoking if you want to enhance the chances of IVF success. Smoking and drinking creates short-term damage to egg development and also affects the quality of your sperms.

Balance your diet

As you want to ensure that your eggs and sperm are in the best possible health, adopting healthy eating habits is a significant step that should be taken straight away when preparing for IVF. You should include some fertility-enhancing foods in your diet.

  • Fill up on fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Choose lean proteins like fish and poultry.
  • Eat whole grain like quinoa, farro, whole-grain pasta
  • Switch to low-fat dairy products
  • Avoid red meat, sugar, refined grains, and highly processed foods

Get your health check-up

You should get yourself diagnosed for diabetes, blood pressure, infectious diseases that can affect your chances of conceiving a baby.

Moreover, both the parents have to go through some fertility health check-ups to know the reasons behind underlying issues.

He may also recommend certain tests including, ovarian reserve testing, semen analysis, vaginal ultrasounds, or blood tests.

Take regular sleep

Sleep deprivation is among the key reasons behind hormonal imbalances. It can trigger weight gain, fatigue and can reduce your chances of conceiving.

Moreover, poor quality sleep can negatively affect your IVF results. Therefore, it is very important to have quality sleep when preparing for IVF.

For that, you can prepare a bedtime routine that best suits you. You can also adopt meditation or relaxation activities that can help in quality sleep.

Get a healthy weight

Being obese or underweight can wreak havoc on your ability to conceive. If you are planning to undergo an IVF procedure, you should watch out for your weight. BMI over 30 or under 19 can lower the success rate of your IVF procedure

Being overweight can make it difficult for your fertility team to monitor your ovaries during IVF. However, being underweight can make it difficult for your hormone levels to produce mature, healthy, and viable eggs.

Therefore, you should maintain a healthy weight when you are planning to go for IVF treatment.

Get useful supplements

Multivitamins are often recommended when you are trying to get pregnant. These supplements are suitable for women who are undergoing IVF procedures. Adding multivitamins to your diet is known to reduce the risk of congenital disabilities.

However, you should take your doctor’s advice before taking any of the vitamins.

Why would I need to prepare myself for IVF treatment?

The anticipation of being a mother provides you with the strength to bear any pain. However, preparation is needed at both emotional and physical levels to attain the positive outcomes.

IVF treatment is a boon for couples trying to conceive. This treatment goes a long way to help couples overcome a wide range of infertility challenges. However, it may seem like a daunting experience at times. Daily medications, multiple tests, time commitment, and above all, the fear of results can become immensely stressful for your mind and body.

Therefore, it becomes essential to start preparing for the treatment before the actual treatment begins.

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Frequently Asked Question:

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”How long does IVF take?” answer-0=”IVF procedure can last for four to six weeks prior to egg retrieval. The embryos will then be implanted between four to five days afterward. However, the duration of the process may vary from couple to couple. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”How important is sleep during IVF?” answer-1=”Quality sleep positively impacts your IVF outcomes. Women who suffer from insomnia or have disturbed sleeping patterns may face the problem of hormonal imbalances. Therefore, women need to have at least eight to nine hours of sleep to enhance IVF success. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Who can go for IVF treatment?” answer-2=”You can go for IVF if you suffer from any of the below conditions: Low sperm counts Endometriosis Fallopian tube blockages Ovulation disorders Unexplained reproductive issues ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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