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What Pregnant Women Should Know About The Coronavirus?


Pregnancy is the most rewarding experience, women are blessed with. Not only hormones are changing drastically, altering your body and immune system, but also your mind brainstorms with zillions of questions and worries.

But a virus has replaced this feeling of excitement for expecting mothers with agony, fear and suffering. The fight against the coronavirus was started with a single case in Wuhan, China reported in November 2019, but from then onwards the curve never got flattened.

With the aggravating situation and death toll increasing exponentially, World Health Organisation the had to publicly declare COVID-19 as “pandemic” on 30 January 2020. The increasing death stats have left the expecting mothers in jitters, and they fear for the wellness of their babies. If you are expecting or your loved one is, here’s what you should know about the virus.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 also known as novel coronavirus, refers to the infection caused by a coronavirus. The coronavirus is a family of zoonotic viruses ( the viruses transmitted from animals to humans) producing a range of illnesses like the severe common cold, respiratory problems and ultimately reaching a stage where it damages your lungs completely

Doctors refer to the virus as the respiratory tract infection damaging both the upper and lower tract. The virus transmission and spread are through the respiratory route from person to person, causing mild to severe infections.

The virus mainly spreads through droplets formed on coughing or sneezing and touching the infected surfaces. Also, what makes the infection more alarming is it can be asymptomatic that means the person shows no symptoms even if he houses viruses causing the spread at a larger scale. Till date, what seems the most optimal solution is self-quarantine and social distancing unless our doctors find a vaccine for fighting the virus.

What symptoms should pregnant women need to be aware of?

The incubation period of the virus is 2-14 days before our body starts signalling that you are housing the virus. Even after this, the symptoms vary from person to person, but the most prominent symptoms found in the COVID-19 patients were:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry cough
  • Fatigue

If you or anyone near you have any of the above symptoms, all you need to do is consult your doctor. Pregnancy is quite a vulnerable period, and women tend to get sick often. Your immunity system alters due to drastically changing hormones.

So, all the expecting mothers must take good care of themselves to avoid catching the infection by strictly following all the preventive measures like social distancing, washing hands frequently, and eating a healthy diet. Make sure to keep your mind at peace with regular exercise to have a healthy delivery.

Are pregnant women more prone to COVID-19?

Pregnant women are immunocompromised, and therefore they become more susceptible to suffering from complications that arise from any respiratory or another health issue. But concluding that pregnant women are more prone to catching the virus than the women not pregnant is a delusion as of now.

What scientists have found from their findings till date is that every person is prone to catch infection but what differs are the symptoms and its effect. Pregnancy is a period that desires you to be more vigilant when it comes to your health.

So, take a proper diet, sleep well, have good thoughts and avoid what your doctor tells you to. We know how pregnant women are feeling right now. But keep one thing in mind your fear and anxiety are doing no good to your little bundle of joy. So, what is best is to follow the guidelines to keep yourself and your child safe.

Frequently asked questions

Pregnancy makes you sceptical, and now when the world is fighting with the virus, your mind has tended to become more unstable with the tsunami of questions.

Here’s a list of QA’s that can help you make peace with your mind:

Q.1 Can I travel or go out?

Ans: Travel has been the primary cause of the worldwide spread of the virus. So, it’s better to avoid going out. Unless and until it is necessary to go out, we recommend you to stay indoors to reduce or nullify the risk of catching an infection.

Q.2 Should I cancel my appointments with my doctor?

Ans: Pregnancy is a difficult period, and you often have to seek your doctor’s advice and require regular medical checkups. So, you need not cancel any appointments with your doctor.
All you need to do is if it’s not an emergency go for the telemedicine evaluation, that is to set-up a video call rather than visiting your doctor.If required, inform your doctor beforehand about the visit so that your checkup can be done in isolation, reducing the risk of catching the infection.

Q.3 What if I am tested positive for COVID-19, will my baby be affected?

Ans:Till date, no proper evidence or study suggests the exact answer to this question. So, the possibility of yes and no remains equal. For evidence, a small study of COVID-19 positive pregnant women in Wuhan of China found that all the babies delivered were healthy, and even the breast milk was safe, and transmission didn’t occur. But in London, a newborn baby was found infected. So, the small scale searchings are not enough to validate this answer with a yes or no

Q.4 Should I continue with breastmilk feeding if I am tested positive?

Ans: Yes, breastfeeding helps your baby in boosting the immune system and protecting him from the virus even if they are positive. It is a myth that needs to be busted.

Q.5 Can the infection cause miscarriage or abnormal delivery?

Ans:There are no such pieces of evidence of patients who have suffered from miscarriage due to the virus. So, you need not worry and keep yourself healthy to avoid any complications.

Wrapping up

Amid the fight against the virus, Vardaan Medical Center has made the telemedicine facility available to all their patients. We care for you and your child and want you to remain safe at home unless it’s an emergency that wants your onsite presence. You can consult our doctors anytime on a video call and clear your worries. Together we will fight the virus, and your babies will step into a happier and healthier world.

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