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Male infertility describes a man’s inability to conceive a child with a fertile woman. Earlier only female was considered responsible for being not pregnant. It can be due to cultural believe and inadequate knowledge. we can consider male infertility, when all the parameter in female partner is normal or excluded and semen quantity and quality of male partner is not good for conception. About 20% of all cases of infertility are entirely due to male factor, while another 30% to 40% of them is contributing factor in all infertility cases. It’s required that both partners undergo infertility testing and treatment together because male and female reasons of infertility frequently coexist. Overall, about 50% of all cases of infertility are primarily caused by the male factor.


  • UNDESCENDED TESTES: In this situation, testes are not at their proper place i.e. in the scrotum. It happens during the pregnancy period, where male baby testicles grow into his abdominal cavity. Generally, it falls back into scrotum before birth. If it doesn’t happen, it may lead to infertility and may require surgery.
  • GENETIC DEFECTS:  Genetic defects causing male infertility are mainly due to chromosomal abnormalities in number such as Klinefelter syndrome and structural abnormalities in Y chromosome, which ultimately leads to infertile men. These changes are congenital and irreversible. 
  • VARICOCELES: varicoceles are condition in which veins in scrotum gets enlarged. This condition is more common in left side of scrotum.  Generally, this condition is harmless, but in some cases, it is painful and may cause infertility in some cases.
  • INFECTIONS: Epididymitis is very common infection in young sexually active males. The epididymis may become infected with bacteria from a prostate or urinary tract infection. Symptoms include swollen scrotum, pain and tenderness in testes.
  • HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Elevated levels of luteinizing hormones and low levels of testosterone can affect sexual activity and fertility in men. This disturbance of hormones can be congenital or due traumatic injury of genitals.  
  • ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: It is a condition in which penis is unable to erect or not able to maintain erection during intercourse. It can be physiological as well as psychological because Stress and anxiety can lead to this condition. Physiologically it is mainly due to hardening of arteries which restrict enough blood supply to the penis. Medication and counselling to the patients can help them to come over to this problem.
  • LIFESTYLE PROBLEMS: lifestyle factors such as dietary patterns, stress and anxiety, assumption of alcohol, smoking, work hazards etc all these factors can affect semen quantity and quality and can affect fertility of male. 


MAINTAIN HEALTHY WEIGHT– Obesity can be reason of further lifestyle related disorders like diabetes and hypertension which directly or indirectly affect the sexual health and quality and quantity of semen. So, it is necessary to maintain your healthy weight to prevent such circumstances.

QUIT ALCOHOL, SMOKING AND DRUGS– Excessive intake of Alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs can cause adverse effects on semen quality and quantity, hence leads to impaired fertility. 

MAINTAIN TESTICULAR TEMPRATURE– Raise in testicular temperature can affect sperm production in testes. Wearing tight clothes can restrict the blood flow in testicular area and leads to raise in temperature. Also, electronic gadgets such as laptops emits low level radiations which can directly affect sperm production. Also, long exposure of laptop in lap area can raise the testicular temperature.

EAT NUTRITIOUS FOOD – Healthy and balanced diet is an important consideration for healthy sperm count. Nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc are considered good for maintaining good sperm health.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR– There are certain conditions which can only be explained and cured by your doctor. If you are facing any such situation, you must ask your doctor without hesitating to overcome the problem.

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