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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Process: 4 Steps to Getting Pregnant


IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, which is the most competent, widely performed procedure for treating infertility and enabling women to get pregnant. Although being extensively performed these days around the globe, what are the steps involved in this procedure are unknown to many. Therefore, we at Vardaan Medical Center, the best IVF hospital in Jalandhar have taken a step towards educating the people about the 4 steps procedure of IVF. But before getting on to the steps, let’s understand who all are recommended Ivf Process. These are:

  • Older women with fertility issues
  • Women having damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
  • Women suffering from endometriosis
  • Male infertility issues (reasons being low sperm count or blockage)

There is so much more to IVF that occurs pre and post IVF. People resort to this treatment option when every other option fails to serve them. However, the expert medical assistance given by the best IVF doctors in Jalandhar at our centre.

Here’s how IVF works, step-by-step:

Step 1 – Testing and Ovulation Induction

Prior to IVF, your uterus and fallopian tubes will be evaluated by the best IVF specialists in Punjab at Vardaan to check issues that might require medical repairs. Once your physician is done with the screening, she will cautiously structure a protocol to try to attain the maximum number of eggs while shielding against the development of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS). Following which fertility medications for IVF are generally introduced in the patient’s body and is frequently observed utilizing hormonal testing and ultrasounds of the vagina for best results.

Once it is determined that the patient has an adequate number of large enough follicles and the estrogen level is also normal, a trigger shot of HCG or other medicine is injected into the body. This substitutes the natural luteinizing hormone rush that a woman possesses that pushes the end stage of egg maturation, so eggs get competent of being fertilized.

Step 2 – Egg Retrieval

During this step of the IVF process, the patient is sedated and given pain medication in order to lessen any pain that is felt by the patient while a thin needle is injected into the upper vaginal wall to collect the eggs.

The needle injected is followed by an ultrasound that is used to isolate segregate the egg cells from the follicular fluid. Following which the isolated cell is placed on a laboratory dish that retains the healthiness of the eggs. Once the egg cells are put into the incubator, the process of egg retrieval gets completed.

Step 3 – Process of Fertilization

Moving to the next step, which is fertilization, includes the mixing of the sperm with the egg cells procured in the previous step. It takes almost 16-20 hours to observe whether the egg cells are being fertilized or not.

There are times when the IVF doctors conduct ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), a process where sperm cells are directly injected into the egg cell. Once the egg cell gets fertilized, it takes the time of another 6 days to get to the process of transferring the eggs into the patient’s womb or that of a surrogate mother, as the case may be.

In case the patient does not opt for a surrogate womb then the hormones are injected into the patient that prepares a lining of the womb to enable it to receive the embryo. These hormones are generally provided as an injection or a gel.

Step 4 – Embryo Transfer and Implantation

The final step of the IVF process is relatively easier and minimally painful as compared to the process of egg retrieval. In this step, initially, the embryos are examined to pick the healthiest ones for the transfer process.

To transfer the embryo(s), a thin tube known as a catheter is made to pass through your cervix into the vagina for transferring the embryos into the womb. As advocated by the best IVF doctors in Punjab at Vardaan Medical Center, the pain and discomfort are unusual, and it feels like having a pap smear. Moreover, the good embryos are not put to use for transfer and are generally frozen in case the cycle fails or a couple wishes to have more children following a successful embryo transfer.

Delivering a Good News with the Best IVF Hospital in Jalandhar

According to the team of best IVF specialists in Jalandhar at our centre, we have seen the IVF process showcasing a considerably good chance enabling women get pregnant irrespective of the different problems they have confronted while conceiving a baby naturally.

We at Vardaan Medical Center, have seen IVF emerge as the most considerate infertility treatment option with higher success rates and ever-evolving medical advancements. If you too are looking for the best IVF advice in Jalandhar, then consult our specialists today, to realize your dream of enjoying motherhood.

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