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Common Myths and Facts About IVF Treatment


Although, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a popular and effective treatment for infertility, yet it is surrounded by various myths and misconceptions. Baffling around IVF myths, sometimes couples get discouraged to receive IVF treatment which is in fact a boon for partners struggling with infertility.

Therefore, it is imperative for couples to be acquainted with IVF myths and facts precisely and get all concerns relating to this treatment resolved.

In addition, consulting your concerns to an IVF treatment expert from a reputed IVF treatment center is also recommended. Just remember that IVF is indeed a blessing to the childless couples, curious to have their own baby in their life.

Having a clear idea on myths and facts about IVF treatment is a great way to make your mind determined for choosing this treatment for you.

Exploring commonly famous IVF myths and facts–

IVF is terribly expensive and not affordable for all. IVF does not guarantee for success. IVF procedure is painful. There are many such myths about IVF that usually discourage interested couples to choose this procedure.

Ultimately, couples who see the last hope in IVF give up without even giving it a try or consulting an IVF treatment centre in their areas. If you are also going through such circumstances and stuck into this dilemma, then read on following facts about IVF treatment here.

  • Myth 1 – IVF is the only solution for all kinds of infertility problems

IVF is one of the many assisted reproductive treatment techniques existing presently. IntraUterine Insemination, Ovulation Induction with medication, etc. are also effective techniques recommended to childless couples.

  • Myth 2 – IVF is only for rich

Many couples from upper middle class or middle class, or even service class avoid IVF treatment just because they believe it is not for all, but only meant for rich and high class.

Considering IVF treatment as expensive, they do not even prefer visiting an IVF centre for consultation. Well, the reality is not as many believe.

IVF is certainly a bit expensive, however less costly than many other existing surgical treatments of infertility. It accompanies some expenses which have not increased for many years.

  • Myth 3 – IVF is beneficial for young couples only

Age is a significant factor to consider while determining fertility, yet IVF procedure has proven to be as effective for mature aged women as for young ones.

In the treatment of mature-aged women, donor eggs employed are taken from young women. However, it is true that mature women have lower maternity rates as compared to women from young age groups.

  • Myth 4 – IVF acquires 100% success rate

This is actually a myth because the success rate of IVF is just around 40% in couples below the 30 – 35 years age group. Besides, the success rate of IVF entirely depends upon various factors like infertility reason, age group, hormonal or natural issues, etc., IVF experts from a leading healthcare center for IVF treatment in Jalandhar.

  • Myth 5 – Children born with IVF procedure often have malformations or birth problems

The risk of abnormalities or malformations in IVF children is quite low. If we talk about a threat of an abnormal fetus, it is completely unpredictable in all cases as IVF children are simply alike in the general population. Therefore, it is a sheer myth about IVF treatment.

  • Myth 6 – This procedure requires you to be hospitalized

For IVF, a couple needs to be admitted in a clinic just for a few hours during the process of egg collection. There is no need to be hospitalized for several days and feel like a patient when undergoing an IVF procedure.

  • Myth 7 – Egg donation can reduce egg count

A woman procures more than 4 lac eggs, throughout menarche. From all those eggs, only 400 are required for a complete lifespan. Every month, approximately 12 from them are prepared, and then just 1 – 2 matures for release during ovulation. This way, 18 – 19 perfect eggs pass away. The technology of IVF is helpful to maintain the growth of these eggs. Hence, it is no way possible that donating eggs will reduce their quantity or counts.

  • Myth 8 – Pregnancies with IVF encourage caesarean deliveries –

It is an absolute myth that IVF pregnancies encourage caesarean deliveries because they are just like normally conceived ones. Couples with numerous attempts for conceiving a baby for many years, or normal couples having possibilities of a normal pregnancy can opt for caesarean delivery. In case of IVF pregnancy, a standard delivery can certainly be achieved.

Time to rewind and see our journey in IVF technology to learn how it is helping childless couples yearning to have their offspring

Individuals who get any other physical treatment like a knee replacement or a bypass, gladly talk about it in their usual get-togethers. However about IVF is still a topic that even modern individuals prefer to avoid.

As per stats, only 15-20 percent of patients who have undergone IVF procedures openly talk about it. The reason for IVF being surrounded by these aforementioned myths is because; the topic is yet less explored and being avoided.

The myths like the IVF babies are usually not normal, or IVF pregnancies do not reach to the full term are indeed discouraging. However, it is high time to be open around the factors of IVF treatment and address your infertility concerns to the IVF experts.

By getting rid of all myths and misconceptions related to this treatment, you can find real confidence in the IVF procedure.

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