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Mistakes to avoid in IVF treatment

mistakes to avoid in ivf treatment

It is human fallibility to make errors or mistakes. But some errors can not only be expensive but disheartening too. Blunders during  IVF treatment can be more than just by chance. Emotions like feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and scared are present on the faces of the couples undergoing these procedures.

IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is one of the common remedies for infertility. This procedure includes the extraction of eggs from the female’s ovary and fertilizing it with fresh sperm in a particular lab, and placing it back in the uterus.

Though it looks effortless, IVF includes many stages from the beginning to the pregnancy, from medicines for making the eggs mature to making the embryos & replanting them in the uterus.

A failed IVF Cycle is the bitterish & troublesome phase of a couple’s life. The dream of a married couple at a particular stage is to welcome the days of parenthood. When this dream of joy is shattered by the negative result of the IVF cycle, then what? Will you mourn and spend the rest of your life in despair? A big NO!!! Those childless couples who have had their first cycle of IVF failed must have made some mistakes.

We have compiled some common mistakes that couples make while pursuing IVF treatments.

1. Not keeping calm

It is no news that IVF makes you tired. This treatment is a different realm that you and your partner will enter. No wonder the process is mentally and physically exhausting, but couples tend to stress during this parenthood journey. This added stress is dangerous, as it directly affects your medical outcomes.

In addition to reducing your stress, you’ll want to intentionally search for ways to help yourself rest and calm. Have a nice lunch or dinner with your spouse, watch a fun movie, or do something enjoyable and low-key.

2. Being messy with IVF routines

It is okay to have an unorganized wardrobe but not a disorganized daily routine, especially when it comes to IVF treatment. If you tend to forget your daily tasks, being organized in advance is the best solution. You should not miss your doctors’ visits and try not to run out of essential medicines. Saying that IVF is a colossal procedure would be an understatement. So, try to be as organized as possible about your activities.

3. Trusting Google more than your doctor

As we all know that Google is both a boon and a bane, the amount of information you get from Google is both incredible and maddening. It’s so handy to compare your IVF cycle’s progress and your body’s early signs with everyone else’s. But comparisons can’t resolve your queries. Ignore the temptation to predict or diagnose via Google. If you have a question or want to know IVF precautions, talk to your doctor instead.

4. Resting throughout the process

We have already mentioned that IVF treatment is physically taxing. But this does not imply that you have to rest completely throughout the procedure. Staying idle and waiting for outcomes also leads to the birth of stressful thoughts. We are not suggesting that you should do hard activities. Give your body the rest it requires, and then perform your daily tasks as usual.

5. Waiting too long to opt for IVF

One of the most common mistakes childless couples make is waiting. It is a myth that females should wait until 35 years of age to come under the IVF process for the best outcomes. At a younger age, it is considered that females would rather be experimenting with their bodies, which is not correct.

According to the experts providing IVF success tips, “Higher the number of candles on your birthday cake, lesser the chances of IVF success.” IVF procedures are based on the condition that led to infertility, while age plays a minor role. Talk to your IVF specialist about the right time for you to try the treatment.

6. Final Takeaways

The in-vitro fertilization process does not come with a guarantee card. The treatment works differently for every couple depending on their infertility problems, overall health, etc. However, avoiding the above-mentioned IVF mistakes during the treatment can enhance your chances of conceiving a baby.

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