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There’s no permanent cure for pcos but it can b managed and symptoms are reversed by lifestyle changes. We can manage pcos with life style and Dietary changes. People often ignore or sideline the importance of a healthy lifestyle in so many diseases or syndromes such as diabetes, hypertension and even PCOS. U had be surprised to learn how much hormones get affected when u dont take care of your body ( physical inactivity, not eating right, Being a late owl at night etc..) 



1) Maintain a healthy weight 

2) Limit carbohydrates

3) Eating balanced & nutritious diet

4) Excessive drinking (plenty of fluids) 

5) avoid alcohol and smoking

6) Low calorie diet

7) Regular brisk walk 25-30 min daily

8) Eat healthy fat

9) Eat enough protein

10) cut out cofee

11) limit processed foods and added sugar

12) avoiding pcos trigger

13) stress management

14) Healthy sleep cycle

15) Eat veggies and fruits

16) avoid refined sugar

17) stay hydrated

18) seeds and nuts

19) chromium supplement may improve your BMI which can help in pcos

20) cinnamon may regulate menses for women with pco 

21) turmeric is anti inflammatory agent it can also helpful in pco patient

22) Ashwagandha

23) vitamin d and calcium 

24) zinc supplement

25) tulsi can help ur blood sugar & prevent weight gain

26) walnuts and almonds

27) Increase physical activity

28) Berries, Cauliflower, broccoli are also good source 

29) Flax seeds. Pomegranates 

30) yoga. 


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