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IVF Success Stories Of Vardaan Medical Center


Pregnancy lays the foundation of new beginnings by uncovering the dreams of possibilities, hopes, and wonders. When a couple discovers they are pregnant, a voyage of happiness, blessings, and joy begins. But, imagine how painful it would be for couples who fail to experience the imprint of little feet in their heart? Being infertile drastically impacts a couple and their loved ones. It brings agony and despair for everyone. Yes, infertility can be as bad as you can imagine.

However, with emerging science and great medical treatments, doctors have discovered ways to counter infertility. Gynecologists and infertility hospitals are striving hard to fulfill couples’ dreams by giving them a pregnancy gift.

Vardaan Medical Center in Jalandhar is a place where dreams come true, hopes never die, and possibilities never end. The infertility center stands alone in the entire region to help couples experience holding those little bundles of joy. It is a place where results speak volumes for work. Our expert team of doctors fully backed up with expertise, knowledge, modern technology, and instrumentation leave no stone unturned for their patients.

We have helped patients by enabling treatments that suited their condition the most. Be it IVF, IUI, PCOS treatment, and many more, Vardaan Medical Center does everything to beat infertility disorders.

Quoting some of our patients’ inspirational IVF success stories, we have penned down their journey from nothing to everything. These are the words of the couples blessed by the little vardaans due to the dedicated efforts and excellence of our incredible doctors.xji

IVF success story of Sucha Ram and Paramjeet Kaur

The prayers of our patient Paramjeet Kaur and her husband, Mr. Sucha Ram, were finally heard after eight years of despair. The patient describes their journey of struggle and agony arose due to inability to have a child even after eight years of marriage. However, their life’s turning point came when they met the doctors at Vardaan Medical Center.

Our unwavering dedication and clinical excellence helped them conceive in the first attempt and get positive results. They never left the hand of hope, which got fulfilled at our center. The hospitality and care we offered them paved the way for successful treatment.

IVF success story at the age of 40

Vardaan has time and again proven that age is just a number. Like many, we helped this old couple to conceive through the advanced IVF treatment. Our compassion and dedication played a vital role in making this couple’s dream come true at the age of 40.

They were blessed with a daughter who is a petal of charm and visited us. This beautiful little soul has brought so much joy and happiness with her in the lives of the couple, and we feel proud that we were part of their journey.

IVF success story at the age of 50

The tragic loss of the couple’s 26 years old son left them in a horrific condition. But, their decision to conceive again eventually brought them to Vardaan Medical Center. Under the guidance of Dr. Vareesh, their IVF treatment was performed, which ended with miraculous results.

Their son’s loss cannot be replaced, but happiness found its way back into their hearts with a new child. Our top-notch facilities and impeccable dedication popped-off the cloud of despair above Mr. Sukhwinder Singh and his family.

Achieved successful pregnancy within first IVF cycle

Twelve years of misery came to an end when the couple stepped into Vardaan Medical Center. Their quest for the right hospital ended when they underwent successful IVF treatment at our centre. After 12 years of marriage and unending struggle, the couple successfully conceived in their first attempt after a dedicated IVF treatment provided by our experts.

The expertise, knowledge, top-notch facilities, committed staff, and professionalism makes us a one-of-a-kind medical service provider.

Success story of infertile couple with multiple failed treatments before

After suffering from prolonging infertility issues that filled their life full of agony, the couple’s prayers were finally heard. All this because of the little hands that stole their heart and brought back their lost smile. We are delighted that our efforts and excellency in IVF treatment were fruitful for the couple after years of several infertility treatments.

This incredible journey of the couple is inspiring for many want-to-be-parents to never lose hope. Under the dedicated treatment, the patient conceived in their first attempt, and their family grew by two feet.

Choose Vardaan Medical Center

The happiness reflected in these stories is not just words; it is a truth that our patients are currently experiencing. These stories are not meant for describing the IVF success rates of Vardaan Medical Centre, but we aspire to inspire couples to incline towards IVF treatment to counter their infertility. We have cut long stories short of our patients to light the inspiration in you. We believe that our center can help you become parents and experience the beautiful transition in life.

We were, are, and will always be known for doing miracles. Dedication, excellence, upstanding code of ethics and professionalism are the four pillars of our center that helped us pioneer the healthcare industry. Vardaan Medical Center is always ready to help you complete your parenting dream using advanced IVF Treatment.

So, if you are one such couple who suffers from infertility and have lost your hope, kindly connect with us right away! We never fail to keep the promise of possibility and excellence.

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