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Test Tube Baby Treatment: How and Why it is Essential?

Test Tube Baby Treatment How and Why it is Essential

Thanks to medical science’s advancements, millions of couples can now experience the joys of parenthood. With the introduction of assisted reproductive techniques in the medical field, infertile couples can have their biological child. 

If you are facing issues in conceiving, you can adopt for test tube baby treatment which is also known as In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF.

This successful technique came into existence in 1978 with the birth of the world’s first test-tube baby Louise Joy Brown in England. 

It happened with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technique [ART] which is also known as In Vitro Fertilization or Test Tube Baby.

What is a Test Tube Baby?

The test tube baby treatment is a simplified term for In-Vitro fertility treatment. Test tube baby means a child that is conceived outside a woman’s body. These babies are being conceived in a laboratory through the scientific process of In-Vitro Fertilization. 

In this process, the woman’s egg is processed with a man’s sperm in the lab until it turns into an embryo. The embryo enters the womb through the vagina, and when any of the embryos get stuck to the lining of the womb, you can get a successful pregnancy through “test-tube baby treatment.”

Step by Step Process

The test tube baby treatment is a step-by-step procedure towards getting your biological child.

Step 1: Egg production through hormone therapy

Before the process, a woman is injected with certain hormones for the growth of follicles inside the ovary. After injecting these hormones, the eggs reach the maturity stage.

Step 2: Eggs received from the ovary

The eggs are then fetched from the ovary. With the help of a vaginal ultrasound probe, the eggs are removed and taken to the lab.

Step 3: Sperm sample

On the same day of women’s egg retrieval, a fresh sample of the man is required for the continuation of the process.

Step 4: Combining egg and sperms

Then in the next step, the eggs and sperms are mixed together in a Petri dish and are kept in an incubator for a few days.

Step 5: Introducing Fertilized Eggs

Once the embryo forms and is under observation, it is transferred to the woman’s uterus.

Reasons to adopt test tube baby treatment

There can be certain reasons why you are not conceiving. It is essential to identify these reasons which are blocking your ways of becoming a parent. We have recommended certain reasons as and when you can go for test tube baby treatment.

  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tube malfunctioning can occur due to partial or complete blockage, or there can be an injury or infection in the internal layer of the tube. These issues may impact the traveling of an egg via tube. 

Therefore, in such cases, test tube baby treatment is recommended to the couple. In this treatment, your egg is picked directly from the ovary and fertilized within the lab before transmitting it to your uterus. 

However, the issue with the fallopian tube can be addressed by this treatment which will ultimately maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

  • Polycystic Ovary [ PCOS]

The hormonal imbalance is a key factor responsible for making PCOS one of the infertility reasons in women. 

This happens because the ovaries stop receiving the appropriate level of hormones, and they became incompetent in raising the eggs to maturity. But women with PCOS respond well to the IVF treatment, where the fertilization of the egg is made in a protected environment.

  • Severe Endometriosis

In this condition, the tissues that outline the uterus outgrow it and extend to areas like ovaries or fallopian tubes. It can also extend to the lining of the pelvic cavity. 

Therefore, in severe cases of endometriosis, the test tube baby treatment helps simplify the procedure of collecting eggs, sperms, and embryos from the pelvic environment.

  • Progressing Maternal Age

Age plays a vital role in a woman’s pregnancy.  When a woman ages, her body may produce a lesser number of eggs. Moreover, the quality of eggs can decrease with your age. It can result in a lesser probability of conceiving in women. Therefore, she can go for this treatment.

  • Unknown Factors

At times even a complete evaluation does not disclose the cause of infertility. Fortunately, infertility treatments like test-tube babies help treat unknown reasons that prevent couples from having their biological child.

  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Ovarian reserve is a term that is associated with the number and quality of eggs. Decreased ovarian reserves imply a decrease in quantity and quality of eggs as per the standard of the age. 

  • Endometrial Polyps

These are finger-like substances that grow in the uterine cavity originating from the outer lining of the uterus. This unusual growth of polyps can lead to a reduction in fertility. It can be removed either through hysteroscopy treatment or can also be treated through IVF.

  • Male Factor Infertility

Male related infertility occurs when the semen is found abnormal, or the sperm function may get degraded. Under such circumstances, the males can be advised to go for treatment like IVF.

Vardaan Medical Centre: Best Test Tube Baby Centre

The highly qualified IVF specialists at Vardaan Medical Centre are the best Test Tube Baby Centre in Jalandhar and provide treatment to couples suffering from infertility. You can get the most advanced medical treatment from the team of best IVF specialists.

Book an appointment with our specialists and experience the bliss of parenthood.

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