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How IUI Treatment help for childless couples?


Experiencing another life in yourself is the perfect form of enlightenment that couples get blessed with. But, nowadays couples are struggling to experience this bliss of having a child, due to a whole lot of underlying reasons for it like age, hormonal changes, and lifestyle choices.

Recent studies suggest that 1 in 8 couples face the problem of infertility. However, studies and medical science proves that 90% of the infertile couple are treatable with therapies like IUI treatment for infertility, IVF, drug consumption, and surgical repair of reproductive organs.

Out of all these, IUI treatment for infertility has higher success rates, especially in young women. Also, IUI treatment for male infertility is proven to be miraculous in cases where couples have lost their hope.

If you are one such couple struggling to conceive, but getting skeptical about the IUI treatment, learn how IUI treatment helps infertile couples and turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

What do you mean by IUI treatment for infertility?–

IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination treatment popularly used these days to cure infertility in couples, both male and female partners. This IUI treatment for infertility is far less invasive as compared to IVF. It primarily aims at speeding the sperm so that it reaches and fertilizes with the egg quickly.

The treatment curbs several infertility causing issues among women like endometriosis, cervix-related problems, and many more. The process successfully bypasses such hindrances and implants the sperm in the egg. This enhances the chances of pregnancy among women.

IUI treatment also does wonders for curbing with male infertility problems as well. IUI is considered the best infertility for men because it accurately separates the weaker sperms, and only healthier sperms are injected in the female partner that ultimately enhances the success rates of IUI treatment.

What happens in the IUI treatment process?

The process of IUI treatment begins by injecting some ovulation-stimulating medications, and thereafter the female partner goes under the period of observation to determine if the eggs are mature enough to proceed with further treatment.

  • The treatment is performed once the ovulation phase is confirmed.
  • The semen sample collected from the male partner is washed in the laboratory to separate the semen from the semen fluid.
  • The separated sperms are directly injected into the uterus of the female partner through a catheter.

The process completes in a matter of a few hours without causing much pain. Now, for the post-procedure, the couple needs to wait for a week or two to set up an appointment with the doctor and get their blood levels tested.

When is IUI treatment recommended?

As IUI treatment addresses several infertility-causing reasons, we have penned down the prominent of all the reasons that make a couple choose IUI treatment for infertility.

  • Low sperm count
  • Reduced sperm mobility
  • Cervical mucus problem and other unfavorable cervical issues
  • Ejaculation dysfunction
  • Cervical scar tissues
  • Any other hindrances that may restrict the sperm from entering the uterus.

To know more, you can learn the advantages and disadvantages of IUI and make a wise decision if IUI is the best treatment for you or not

What are the success rates of IUI treatment in curing infertility?

With enough said on the factors that IUI treatment is a wise choice for you, it is imperative to speculate about the numbers as well. The success rates of IUI treatment depend on numerous factors, with age being the topmost, let’s find out what stats indicate:

  • Chances of women aged below 35 getting pregnant with IUI treatment ranges from 10-20%.
  • Women aged between 35-40 have a 10% chance of getting pregnant with IUI treatment.
  • Women above 40 have 2-5% chances of getting pregnant with IUI treatment.
  • With the increase of IUI cycles, the pregnancy success rate reaches as high as 80%.
  • 55.6% successful pregnancy chances if you have cervical related infertility
  • 47.4% successful pregnancy chances if you have problems with ovulation
  • 41.7% successful IUI treatment for male factor infertility
  • 35.1% successful pregnancy chances in case of unexplained infertility
  • 10.7% successful pregnancy chances if you have endometriosis

So, the numbers have done enough talking and give you practically proven reasons for choosing IUI treatment for infertility.

Is IUI treatment for infertility right for you?

Also, other than the reasons that make you choose the IUI treatment, it is critically essential to have comprehensive medical consultation and prognosis before you go for IUI treatment over other advantages and disadvantages of IUI infertility treatments.

Thereafter, you need to weigh several other factors while making the confirmed decision that includes expenses, time commitment, and substantial risks that prevail. Probing around all these factors is an apt way of choosing the IUI treatment for infertility.

Final takeaway

Once you decide upon getting the treatment, choosing the best IUI treatment hospital and gynecologists are the foremost things to do.Where work speaks volumes, Vardaan Medical center enables the best IUI treatment for infertility With profound knowledge and clinical excellence,

If you are struggling with infertility and want to experience a beautiful pregnancy period. Contact us today itself.

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