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A Ray of Hope for Infertile Couple

A Ray of Hope for Infertile Couple

Vardaan Medical Center in northern India is the leading infertility center that works miracles for childless couples. Bringing the happiness of parenthood in the life of childless couples, Vardaan Medical Center helps them turn their dreams into reality. We are the best IVF center in Punjab with our constant endeavors of providing top-notch infertility treatment.

At Vardaan, you are not just another patient. Our singular focus is on understanding the health issues of couples who are facing infertility problems. Using an integrated approach with fertility treatments, our IVF specialists are able to help you have your own baby.

The success rates of infertility treatments performed at the Vardaan Center speak volumes of our accuracy and unstinting focus. Many infertility patients have experienced joy and hope as a result of our treatments. Our aim is to assist you in making your dream of conception a reality.

Led by a proficient team of highly experienced IVF specialists, our medical center is known for handling complex infertility cases with utmost care. In addition, we embrace modern technologies and techniques to deliver the best possible results.

Backed by extensive knowledge and expertise, our proficient team of infertility experts tend to change the lives of childless couples with the following disabilities:

  • Ovulation disorders

  • Age-related infertility

  • Endometriosis

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Fallopian tube blockage

  • Male infertility issues

At Vardaan Medical Center, we treat your dream as our own and strive hard to help you have a healthy baby. Our proficient team of specialists is available 24*7 to provide dedicated medical assistance to the patients.

Services we offer

Vardaan Medical Center is one of its kind centers in the entire region designed as per the global standards without any compromise with the comfort of the patients. Prioritizing health care, we offer an array of fertility treatments for all different age groups, including both partners.

The fertility services we offer are:

  • IUI

  • HSG


  • Reproductive care

  • High-risk pregnancy management

  • Menopausal clinic care

  • Ultrasonography

Milestones we achieved

With the help of world-leading medical techniques and equipment, we have been able to turn the dreams of several childless couples into reality. To give hope and encouragement, some of our patients have happily shared their fertility success stories describing their experiences and their battle against infertility. 

These stories are rewards for us that remain the pillar of our legacy. Be it IVF, IUI, and PCOS treatment; we have provided the best care and services to our patients. We hope these success stories will act as a ray of hope for all the infertile couples trying to have their baby.


Jatinder Singh; the army person


Despite several treatments, Jatinder Singh, an army officer, failed to become a father even after 20 years of marriage. His first visit with his wife to Vardaan Medical center was on 13 October 2013. After a complete analysis of their health condition, we decided upon starting their IVF procedure.

On 14 January 2014, we gave them news of their pregnancy with twins, which just changed life. 

Poonam and Arun Singh


Poonam and Arun Singh were married for eight years but had a big void in life as they failed to have their own child. Before they visited Vardaan Medical Center, they consulted several doctors for their treatment. They had undergone 3 IVF treatments before, which made the case more complicated.

Under the guidance of Dr. Vareesh Kumar, their IVF treatment began. After a few months, their dreams turned into reality as they were blessed with two little munchkins; a girl and a boy. During their procedure, we made sure to provide the utmost care and facilities for a healthy pregnancy.

Manisha Bhatti and Rajneesh Bhatti

The couple, even after several years of marriage, failed to have the blessing of parenthood. Before knocking the doors of our  After analyzing their health, we planned their IVF treatment which was successful in the first attempt. 

Nimar Kaur


The patient Nimar Kaur struggled with infertility and did not conceive after five years of marriage. She visited Vardaan Medical Center and was overwhelmed with the services and facilities we provided.

The patient conceived in the first attempt and was very happy.

Despite the availability of other IVF hospitals, she chose Vardaan due to our team of proficient doctors, nurses, and our modern equipment.

The list doesn’t end here; we’ve helped several childless couples and aspire to do so in the future.

All the couples struggling to get pregnant must not delay any further and connect with the specialists at Vardaan Medical Center.

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