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8 common complications during pregnancy

common complications during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful life transition, which brings the joy of experiencing a new life within yourself. The moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, every day of her journey passes by, making her stronger, capable, and tough of Common complications during pregnancy.

However, this journey of pregnancy has its rewards and risks. A healthy pregnancy is a sum total of timely actions, regular medical checkups, proper intake of a balanced diet, and good lifestyle habits. Even if you skip on any one of these, you are putting your pregnancy in complications.

Some women face these complications during the initial stages and some throughout their journey.
Those unaware of the Common complications of pregnancy, read through to know them and take adequate measures to avoid them.

Let’s get started!

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs as a result of narrowed arteries (responsible for carrying blood from the heart to organs) and the placenta. During pregnancy, high blood pressure causes several complications like preterm delivery and preeclampsia. It is highly imperative to control your blood pressure to avoid pregnancy complications.

2. Preterm labor

When you go into labor pain before the due date and have the baby delivered, it is known as preterm labor. Preterm labor pain is experienced before 37 weeks of pregnancy, and it happens when your baby’s organs develop earlier than usual. Therefore, gynecologists usually recommend having more bed rest to prevent the early development of the baby.

3. Gestational diabetes

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6% to 9% of women develop gestational diabetes. Diabetes tends to occur when your body fails to process the sugars effectively. Thus, this multiplies the degrees of sugar in the bloodstream, which record to be very high as compared to normal levels.

Few pregnant women are recommended to put strict control on their diet. While some have insulin to keep their glucose levels in charge. Thus, to give birth to a healthy baby, taking mandatory precautions are more important than ever.

4. Toxemia

Toxemia is also called preeclampsia. It happens after the initial 20 weeks of pregnancy and causes hypertension and potential issues with your kidneys. Your primary care physician will talk about the dangers and advantages with respect to the timing of delivery.

In case it’s too soon to deliver your child, your primary care physician would screen you and your infant comprehensively. They may recommend drugs to help bring down your circulatory strain and help the child develop when the delivery is expected before the estimated date. You might also need to get hospitalized for better care in this case.

5. Miscarriage or pregnancy loss

A very horrific but common misery that pregnant women fear is a miscarriage. Losing the baby during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy refers to miscarriage. When a baby’s organs, especially the lungs and brain, have stopped developing, it leads to pregnancy loss.

Reasons for miscarriage may vary from patient to patient. Sometimes the woman may be unaware of her pregnancy and end up losing the baby in the initial stages. However, in some cases, health disorders, accidents, traumas, or poor diet become reasons for miscarriage.

6. Stillbirth

Another highly reported complication that patients come up with during pregnancy is a stillbirth. It refers to the pregnancy loss that tends to occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, most of the time, the underlying cause for stillbirth remains undefined.

But here are some common reasons found in the patients who suffered from stillbirth:

  • Infections
  • Issues with placenta
  • Other chronic health issues

7. Anemia

Anemia is another health issue that occurs due to reduced red blood cells and iron deficiency in your body during pregnancy. Anemia causes a sort of sickness in the body that you always feel drained and feeble than expected during pregnancy. Iron deficiency has numerous causes, and your primary care physician should treat the basic cause after a comprehensive diagnosis process.

Consuming iron and folic supplements during your pregnancy will alleviate the iron inadequacy fighting off the anemia. Else, your baby may also be born with iron deficiency, so make sure to consume a strict diet along with proper medication.

8. Infection

Another complication quite prevalent among pregnant women that may muddle a pregnancy is bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases. Diseases can be unsafe for both the mother and the child, so it’s essential to look for treatment immediately.

The most common infections include:

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Group B Streptococcus
  • Hepatitis B virus may pass to your baby while giving birth
  • Influenza
  • Toxoplasmosis(a disease caused by a parasite found in raw meat, soil, and cat feces)
  • Zika virus

When to consult a doctor

Any unusual signs during pregnancy should be immediately addressed with medical assistance. Timely action is the key to a healthy pregnancy.

Therefore, if you observe the following symptoms, immediately rush to a gynecologist:

  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Dizziness
  • Continuous vomiting
  • Sudden and undefined swelling of the face or hands
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Fever
  • Severe headaches
  • Blurred vision

Also, keep a close check on your baby’s movement. If you feel it is slower than normal, kindly consult your gynecologist.

Consult expert gynecologists at Vardaan Medical Centre

Getting regular and early medical care during pregnancy is highly imperative for reducing the risks during pregnancy. Dedicated parental care helps to diagnose, manage, and treat all the health disorders at the initial stages and thus alleviate all the substantial complications.

Consult the expert gynecologists at Vardaan Medical Centre in Jalandhar to have a healthy pregnancy. We highly encourage pregnant women to come in for regular talks and consultations that will help them experience risk-free pregnancy.

So, for any queries related to pregnancy or in case of an emergency, connect with us right away!

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