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Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts to Boost Your Fertility

Boost Your Fertility

Around the globe, many couples face roadblocks while trying to have a baby. This leaves them emotionally stressed, destroyed, and anxious, causing more delay to their joy of parenthood. Fertility issues have become a major hurdle in the journey of parenthood. More than 10% of couples deal with infertility. Besides going to the infertility specialist for medical treatments, there are various natural ways that can Boost Your Fertility.

Lifestyle and healthy diets are the easiest and best methods to boost fertility naturally. Here in this guide, we have mentioned various ways for improving your chances of getting pregnant. Read on to know more.

Top fertility dos and don’ts for Boost Your Fertility:

When you’re suffering from infertility, your emotions are running high, and that can leave you feeling depressed, alone and confused when you start to think about what’s next. Check out the top 5 do’s and don’ts of fertility to clear up any confusion:

  • Don’t blame yourself:

Infertility is more common than you may think. 1 in 8 couples suffer from infertility. It’s equally likely to be caused by the female or male partner, and in some couples, it’s caused by both male and female. 

You can’t waste your energy in blaming yourself for something that’s out of your control. So stop blaming yourself and search for ways to boost your fertility.

  • Do seek support:

Infertility can be challenging. According to experts, the stress levels of infertile females are equivalent to those of females with cancer, AIDS, or heart problems. The stress is not going to help you conceive faster. 

There are lots of females who aren’t conceiving either, so a support group can help. You can get in touch with infertility support groups or ask your infertility specialist to recommend a local in-person group.

  • Don’t isolate yourself

Many infertile females also struggle with social situations. Being infertile in a fertile world can be challenging. Infertility can build jealousy in your mind toward people who get pregnant.

But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from people to avoid unexpected news of another female’s pregnancy. If you start feeling depressed and phobic about social events, connect with a loved one or family member you trust, or join a support group to help get you through the tough times.

  • Do communicate with your partner

If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll soon see that infertility problems can put a strain on your relationship. Couples having trouble getting a baby face a great deal of emotional disturbance.

Around 2 in 5 childless couples said stress and tension in their relationship has increased. Infertility experts urge childless couples to work together. Both male and female should communicate with each other and find the best way to fight this problem.

  • Don’t lose hope

Infertility is a temporary problem. The majority of couples who experience infertility do end up with the joy of parenthood. Research shows that it will not have a permanent impact on the quality of your life.

How to boost fertility naturally?

Getting pregnant is one of the best moments in the journey of life, but when that possibility is reduced or impossible, childless couples choose various methods to help them conceive faster.

Consulting a fertility expert can help you get informed about essential aspects and start working on boosting your fertility. Here are some of the best ways to boost fertility:

  • Eat a big breakfast

Eating a heavy breakfast has been found to help females enhance fertility. According to fertility experts, having a big breakfast, instead of a substantial dinner, can enhance ovulation by 30%. This ultimately leads to higher chances of becoming pregnant.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

More than 10% of females face difficulty in conceiving due to an unhealthy weight. Abnormal weight can have a bad impact on hormone levels. Research indicates that females who are overweight may have irregular ovulation. On the other hand, being underweight can disturb estrogen levels and raise difficulty in conceiving.

  • Practice stress management

Several recent studies have provided a link between a female’s level of stress and her chances of becoming a mother.

Females who live stressful lives are also more likely to engage in unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, not getting enough sleep, etc. that can impact their fertility.

By practicing healthy stress management techniques, you may boost your fertility.

  • Eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet

You don’t need to have a special “fertility diet” to enhance your chances of conceiving. Your entire body functions best when you eat healthy, unprocessed meals. This applies to your fertility as well.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

If you are trying to have a baby, you should reduce your alcohol intake. Several researches have been conducted trying to make a link between alcohol and infertility. However, the outcomes are mixed. The only certain thing is that excessive alcohol intake is bad for fertility and decreases the chances of having a baby.

  • Cut down on caffeine sources

One of the best home remedies for ovulation includes cutting down on caffeine sources regularly. Females who are coffee-lover have fewer chances of conceiving, and caffeine has been shown to enhance the chances of miscarriage.

You don’t have to avoid coffee completely, but simply try to be moderate with your caffeine intake.

  • Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity is the best method to improve your overall health and chances of pregnancy. A physical activity improves blood flow and helps you boost your fertility.

Why choose Vardaan Medical Center to get the best infertility treatment?

If you’re trying to conceive and are searching for natural ways to boost fertility, you should try to lead a healthy life based on a well-balanced diet, moderate exercise, and reducing stress.

Consulting a fertility expert can help you come up with the best long-term plan for boosting your fertility and conception. A team of specialists at Vardaan Medical Center, the best fertility center in Punjab, can help you on your journey, each and every step of the way.

Our team will perform the essential tests and screening to provide you with the best care and treatment. Book an appointment today!


Frequently Asked Question:

What are the do's and don'ts when trying to conceive?

Here are some tips on what to do—and what not to do—while beginning your journey towards having a baby. Do’s Take prenatal vitamins Get to know your cycle Examine your basal body temperature Reduce your stress level Maintain a healthy weight Don’ts Forget to visit your specialist Use water-based lubricants Over-exercise

What to avoid while trying to get pregnant?

If you want to get pregnant, make sure you don’t do any of these: Smoking Excessive caffeine Too much alcohol Extreme exercise Junk food Chronic stress

How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

There are some natural ways to boost fertility and get pregnant quicker. These include: Eat foods rich in antioxidants Have a bigger breakfast Avoid trans fats Eat more fiber Eat fewer refined carbs Cut down on carbs if you have PCOS Get active Avoid excess alcohol Aim for a healthy weight

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